Ecuadorian Envoy, HE Leopoldo discuss Girl Child Education with Young Journalist Forum In Abuja

Girl Child Education
Photo: Amb. Leopoldo Rovayo & participants of Young Journalist Forum

Enhancing Girl Child Education was discussed at the Embassy with Young Journalist Forum.

28 April 2017, Abuja, Nigeria, Ecuadorian Ambassador HE Leopoldo Rovayo hosted Young Journalist Forum with a guest speaker, Abiodun Teru Bayewu, Country Director, Global Rights, who speak on Girl Child Education.

Abiodun Bayewu, noted that the obvious reasons behind disparity, includes Culture, values, tradition, cost of education, weak laws, weak implementation of existing policies, insurgency, in the north east and corruption.

She said the impact is endemic poverty, and underdevelopment, public health issues, child marriage, population implosion, child labour floundering GDP and Climate Change.

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Bayewu, urged Nigerians, to hound government to place education as a priority in both policy and practice, demand firm commitment from government to provide free primary school education to all including vulnerable or marginalized groups, Encourage the private sector to invest resources in the development of educational tools and facilities.

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The Coordinator Young Journalists Forum, Nigeria, Mr. Chukwuma Nzeh, said the topic was chosen to project the plights of the girl Child in Nigeria, who has over the years suffered deprivation, due to cultural and traditional practices which should change for the better.

Ambassador Leopoldo noted that sharing experiences to teach people to be part of the solution not the problem is important and that religion should be taken separately from politics as there is a tendency for fanaticism which can be detrimental to the society.

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Cultural matters, Religion and Discrimination are some of the factors militating against girl child education both in Ecuador, Nigeria and other parts of the world said in the opening statement of Mr. Jaime Campas, the Deputy Head of Mission Embassy of Ecuador.

He further added that sometimes we consciously or unconsciously feel women cannot perform certain tasks and records has shown that women excel in different sectors, then why the discrimination?


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