Best Place to buy Textiles and Fabrics In Aba, Abia State

Best Place to buy Textiles and Fabrics In Aba, Abia State
Best Place to buy Textiles and Fabrics In Aba, Abia State

A lot of people have been asking us this question, sometimes via email, sms or direct call.

It’s not strange to us, because we are the voice of Aba, the great Enyimba city, and whatsoever we published here is based on facts, we don’t publish hearsay.

Mostly at times, people don’t visit ABACITYBLOG for news, our recent analysis revealed that about 30% of people visiting our platform are for business research while some are asking the above question which happened to be the headline.

“Best Place to buy Textiles and Fabrics In Aba, Abia State”

Aba is a huge commercial city whereby each of an individual born in Aba are all gifted, no wonder Ojukwu came direct to Aba and established it as a commercial hub of Nigeria (Japan of Africa). Since then, the city has been known for what it does best…. Trading and production of lots of products.

Now, let’s get back to the question of where to buy textiles and fabrics in Aba, Abia State.

If you’re coming to Aba to buy fabrics or textiles, you don’t need any further research as we are here to guide you on how to go about it.

But if in turn you need our help feel free to contact us, maybe via email: or call: 07038111972

One of the best and huge place to buy fabrics and textiles is Kenth…. If you’re familiar with the street names or roads, you can pass through, Cameroon road by Kenth, Market Road by KenthTenant Road by Kenth. the main place is called “Kenth”.

Like we said above, Aba is a very huge commercial city blessed with different markets and talented individuals.

The fabrics and textiles are not sold only in Kenth, there other places it can be bought.

Contact us if you need our help.

NOTE: Traders at Kenth sell fabrics and textile in roll or yards. Price tags are when you are ready, but you will never get it affordable aside from Kenth.

Aba Market Place
Aba Market Place




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