Land Grabbers: Man Narrates How Ikpeazu’s men Tortured and Forcefully takes-over his legitimate Land In Abia

Abia State
The victim, Mr. Ikechukwu Mbakwe

An Abia based businessman, Mr Ikechukwu Mbakwe has  petitioned  the Inspector General of Police, IGP, Mr Ibrahim Idris, pleading that he should intervene  to save his life from the hands of a clique of Land Grabbers in Abia state Government House, who specializes in using instruments of Government to fleece innocent citizens of their legally acquired landed property.

In a petition he captioned  “Conspiracy , Hostage taking, Assault, Attempted murder, and Conducts likely to cause breach of peace,  written through his lawyers, Maryann Ojinaka & Co, Legal Practitioners, Mbakwe,  listed the names  his assailants  and requested the  IGP to  promptly  call them to order before they kill him.

He narrated how they  bundled  him with his workers  into two Hilux vans, on Monday,  June 5, 2017,  drove  them  to Abia  Government  House and gave them the beatings of their lives over  two landed properties he said he  genuinely acquired  from Abia state Estate Development Agency ABSEDA, Wherein relevant and genuine documents were issued him in respect of them.

Mbakwe, who is now  lying critically ill in an undisclosed hospital, over the ill-treatment meted out to him  explained that his assailants  conspired to abduct and manhandle him and his workers and  held them hostage for one night together with his Toyota Thundra marked AGN 57AA which was released after four  days.

“While we were in their custody, they were bragging that the Governor is their personal friend and the current DIG, Mr Habilla,who was once a CP in Abia state is their friend,  and that even if the case goes to Abuja, nothing will come out of it as they are  “the ones that are running the state”.

“Our fear now is that since these men hold various positions in Government, ranging from  “Deputy Chief of staff, UCDA Managing Director, Acting General Manager, and Deputy Chairman of a Local Government Council” respectively, they may carry out their threats of eliminating me”, Mbakwe cried out.

Abia State
Mr. Ikechukwu petition the IGP

Contributing to his plea, his lawyers urged the IGP to use his  revered office to cause an immediate, but discreet investigation of the matter,  with the aim of ensuring that justice is done.

According to  Mbakwe  since after his experience in the hands of his assailants,  he  has been noticing clandestine movements around him where ever he goes, and as of now , he is afraid of his life as there are strong indications that his assailants are after him.

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Mbakwe who narrated his story from a hiding place said that  his assailants picks him up at  the slightest opportunity  and “ torture me  to their delight just to make me  denounce the  ownership  of the properties   I  genuinely acquired .

“I  lived in Lagos, where I  was doing the  business of machinery hiring, leasing and construction work.  When Government made a call that Abia Indigenes should come home to invest, I answered the call by coming home  to  invest. But what I am experiencing today is worst that the kind of racism that exist in most countries of the west.”

Explaining the genesis of the problem, he said,  “I bought two plots of land at Umuobia Housing , Olokoro in Umuahia South Local Government Area of Abia state from  Abia state Estate Development Agency(ABSEDA), formerly  called PIU in 2016 when it was being managed by late Mr Felix Ibelegbu, the then General Manager.

Abia State
Petition by his lawyer

“ The site though was not attractive as it appeared to be inhabitable due to the topography of the land, but as someone in construction industry, I knew what to do to make the land attractive.  The transaction was carried out as all the necessary documents were signed by both party and allocation papers issued me as the authentic owner of the two plots of land by the late GM and his staff.

I entered the land and cleared it with my bull dozer and after two weeks , I was invited by the late General Manager , with whom I did the transaction. He asked me to stay action until full investigation was conducted as some people had come to tell him that  the land  belonged to the Governor and I did.

After three weeks, he called me and asked me to continue my construction ,  that he had investigated the land and discovered that it was the two plots before my own  that were allocated to the Governor . He also told me that the  Governors land had been  sold to someone  from  Ohafia by  a clique in the Government, through the General Manager of UCDA, Mr Enyinnaya Nwokonta, and that his investigation revealed that it was for that reason that they had been pointing fingers to my plot with intention to use it and replace the Governors plot they sold.

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He told me that the woman whom they sold the Governors plot to  had earlier reported the matter to Chief Ukpai Agwu, the Deputy Chief of staff in the office of Deputy Governor,  and what they had resorted to do is to take my plots of land to replace it. He asked me to go in and posses the land and  that they had marked the Governor’s property which was sold and had been built upon for demolition and that I didn’t have anything to fear since I had my genuine papers.

Mr Ikechukwu Mbakwe
The victim, Mr. Ikechukwu Mbakwe

There are Verifiable evidences  at ABSEDA office, (Admin Officer, Community Development Officer, Accountant, Lands Officer, Surveyor and Town Planner) to know the authenticity of my story”, he stated.

After that, all agitations  over ownership of the land ceased, until after the death and burial of the late General Manager , when Mr Chris Nwosu and Enyinnaya Nwokenta started again and I continued to build on my land. One day, I went to see my plot,  only to discover that it  was being fenced off and on inquiry, I was told that it was Nwosu and Nwokenta that were  fencing it under the instruction of the deputy Chief of staff, Chief Ukpai .  As a genuine owner of the property, I entered the land  and continued with my construction work, having severally complained to the Acting GM, Ugonma Jimonu  to  proffer solution to the problem, but she could not.

It was while this construction was going on that they, on June 5, 2017,  stormed my site with two Hilux load of heavily armed security operatives  and abducted all of us , including a neighbor, who was standing there , admiring what we were doing.  His plea that he was not one of us did not save him from the hands of our assailants.

 They  threw all of us into the back of the pickup vans, took my Toyota Thundra vehicle  and headed out of the site. Initially, I thought that  they were taking us to the police station, where we would probably give our explanations and  be released.

But I was wrong,  because immediately we got to the junction leading to Government House ,they drove inside  Government House,  forced all of us down and gave us the beating of our lives. There, our ordeal started, as we were tortured   like common criminals, and subsequently detained until the following day.  At about 12 midnight, I was  taken to an office in the Government House , that can be described as a torture room and forced amidst beating  to denounce ownership of the two plots of land but I refused.

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Chief Ukpai Agwu,  who was spearheading the whole issue told me that if I could just say that ABSEDA had duped me by selling the said property to me, I would be released. Probably, they wanted to record my statement so as to use it against me later, but I remained resolute.

When they realized that I was not moved they gave me more beatings with every available instrument they could lay their hands on. They broke my hands, legs and waist and the ordeal landed me in the hospital for many weeks before I was discharged and asked to be coming from home to take treatment. I had to get out of circulation for some time for fear of being killed.

Then my vehicle which they seized remained inside Government house from that 5th to 8th June, 2017, when it was released.   They instructed  Jimonu , the Acting General Manager of ABSEDA to  resolve my matter. But as I talk to you now, I am yet to hear from them. Since then, my land has been under lock and key and the construction work has stopped abruptly”, Mbakwe said.

He said that he wrote  a letter  to the Governor of Abia state, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu,  captioned   “Humiliation, Intimidation, Abuse of Human Rights, Abduction  and Acts Capable of Breaching  peace in the state”, in which he pleaded with the Governor to come to his rescue, but as at the time he was speaking, he had not received any response from him.

Mbakwe is calling on the IGP,  Acting president, Yemi Osinbajo, the Human Right organizations, Abia state Governor and other well meaning Nigerians to intervene and save him from the hands of his assailants.


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