Read full speech of Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu’s Speech at ECOWAS Africa-Israel Summit

Read full speech of Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu’s Speech at ECOWAS Africa-Israel Summit

Here is the full speech of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the ECOWAS Africa-Israel Summit in Monrovia, Liberia:


“I believe in Africa. I believe in Africa, I believe in its potential – present and future. It is a continent on the rise.

“Its people are diverse and talented. I have made strengthening our relations one of our top priorities – national and international priorities of the State of Israel. It’s the reason I became the first Israeli prime minister to visit Africa in decades.

“Well, one thing I can assure you – it won’t be decades until an Israeli leader visits Africa again. It won’t be five years. It’ll be a few months.

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Africa and Israel share a natural affinity. We have, in many ways, similar histories. Your nations toiled under foreign rule. You experienced horrific wars and slaughters. And you’re still fighting to get out of the past into the future, valiantly, in efforts that I deeply admire. With determination and conviction, you won your independence. You healed the wounds of the past to chart a future of hope for your people.

This is very much our history. Our people too were denied independence for far too long. Our people too suffered the indignity of bondage, slavery and dispossession. Our people too experienced unimaginable horrors of mass death and genocide.

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But we never ever gave in. We fought for our independence and won. We established a thriving democracy in the heart of the Middle East. We developed one of the world’s most dynamic economies. We became a world leader in agriculture, water, cyber technology, technology of communications, security and much more”.


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