Biafra: Are we ready for change? Download & listen “Even Now” by Ndukwe Onuoha

"Even Now" by Ndukwe Onuoha

Below is an interesting poem recorded by Mr. Ndukwe Onuoha concerning the call for Biafra and the recent ultimatum given to Ndi-Igbo by Northern groups.

The news which naturally sparked outrage among many Igbos – even among quite a few moderates.

According to Onuoha, this is not about the ultimatum. It is not even about the outrage.

It is, instead, a commentary about the lot of us who sit behind bright screens large and small, inciting the rest of the population to violence. It is about those who have not seen a riot, yet bay at every opportunity for war.

It is about those who fuel this hate with both material and moral support, and about those who sit still while the nation implodes on its ignorance.

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It is about us all, Onuoha added.

He further revealed that what you are about to listen is a poem about how we are not ready for the change we seek – be it Biafra or Nigeria. It calls for introspection and honesty to oneself.

Indeed, change may come somehow; change may come some way; change may come someday, but that day is not today.

Listen below, click here to download.


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