Biafra: If Anything happens to Nnamdi Kanu, It’ll be a sorry day for Nigeria – Col Achuzia


Ex-Biafra warlord and elder statesman, Col. Joe Achuzia, rtd, has called on the Nigeria government to unconditionally release the Indigenous People of Biafra leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu or face whatever might erupt from Kanu’s followers if anything happens to him.

Col Joe Achuzia
Col. Joe Achuzia

Achuzia in an interview with The Sun stated that the continued detention and trial of Kanu is political, having committed no offence, but accused of treasonable felony for only sponsoring a radio station that shared the same ideology with his tribes and his kinsmen.

According to him, Nnamdi Kanu’s trial is based on what they call political offence because he was charged with treasonable felony, which is a political offence. If you pick a gun or a knife or anything to try to attack the president, it is a criminal offence, it is not treasonable, but act or word spoken against a country can be interpreted as treasonable offence.

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Why? I don’t know, it is only the lawyer that can tell us why. From what I understood that Kanu did was that he was promoting a radio that translates the idea or the supposed grievances of his friends, his kinsmen or all those who think alike, that is what I understood that Kanu was doing.

How that constitute a treasonable felony, I can’t tell you but to me treasonable felony is a political offence, particularly once what is being said is against the belief of the political party in charge of governance.

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Talking about his (Kanu’s) actions that led to his arrest in 2015 which is why he has been detained and tried, Colonel Achuzia said he sees no actions from him which warrant his arrest and detention.

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He said, I have not seen any action from him because from what I gathered, he arrived the country and was arrested. So I don’t see how and where he performed the action being attributed to him. What I understood he was doing was that he was promoting a radio station through which friends, groups of people who think like him air their views, hence I said what you asked me, not being a lawyer, I regard as a political trial.

Speaking further about Kanu’s unconditional release, the ex-biafra warlord said; For me, Nnamdi Kanu should be, not that he can be released unconditionally. Why we say unconditionally is that there should be no condition attached to his release, he has the right to be freed under the Nigerian law, and a competent court of law has already asked several times that he should be released.

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This issue of Kanu is very intriguing. If something happens to him while in custody, the government would have created a matter and an indelible black mark. He should be released unconditionally and given the opportunity to defend himself. If something should happen, it will be a sorry day for the country.


  1. This old man self, what will happen if Nnamdi cownu is dead? Will you do anything? For all I see here is an empty threats go and sidon


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