Abia Youths Writes On The Need For Abia To Produce Credible Leaders


By Michael Alli

(Chief Dr Emeka Charles Kalu As A Case Study) | The Man Emeka C. Kalu A leader not a Ruler.

Give me a fire and I will give you light!!!
Who is a leader without a follower
Leaders lead people
Leaders are agents of change
Leaders empower
Leaders listen
Leaders inspire
Leaders make time
Leaders are decision makers

Abia Youths Writes On The Need For Abia To Produce Credible Leaders
Chief (Dr.) Emeka C. Kalu

Dr. Emeka C. Kalu a man worthy of emulation, a man successful in his family, educational, business and diverse areas of exploits, a philanthropist, lover of the youth, and humanity at large.

A man who has equipped himself for the task ahead, who has the conscience driven drive to RESTORE the decaying and deplorable state looming day by day on the people, his people, GODS OWN STATE- ABIA STATE.

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A man of great leadership qualities:
A man with a Vision.
A man of Integrity.
A man with the passion to learn continually.
A man with moral and ethical character.
A man who understands the purpose of work and human Organisation.
A man with great sense of humility.
A man who knows the place of communication and Accountability to good leadership.
A man who welcomes supportive ideas,listens and encourages the involvement of others in problems solving.

A man who believes in practicing leadership as a Team.”WE” and not ‘I’ Thereby making leaders in others.

A man that knows God.

What more will it take for ABIA STATE TO RECEIVE TOTAL RESTORATION COME 2019.In the place of DEMOCRACY.

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I have always defined Democracy as a State of conscientious movement to unveil a unified majority.

Time has come for the people in majority not minority to look conscience wise and unveil this man who is conscience moved to cause a revolutionary restoration.

E.C.K as he is known agrees with Dag Hammarskjold view on leadership,which  quotes, “Your position never gives you the right to command. It only imposes on you the duty of so living your life that others can receive your orders without being humiliated”

Bearing in mind how grieved his people feel, and all they have to put up with due to poor leadership,
Cheif Dr. Emeka Charles Kalu calls out all well meaning Abians to support his mission.

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In a loud voice, the Voice of RESTORATION calls: Give me a fire and  I will give you light!!!

Article by Michael Alli


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