#AbaCityBlogTheDebate: Do you think Aba still maintain that status quo of being the Japan of Africa?


Good evening all,

Here comes another episode of #Abacityblog #TheDebates.

Today, we are going to discuss on the above question, matters concern the  commercial hub of Abia State, considering the bad road network, which in turn discourage investors, multiple taxation, or should we say, lack of government participation in encouraging small scale business etc. 

Looking at this shortlisted factor and others factors, not listed, Can Aba still compete with cities like Lagos, Onitsha, and other commercial cities in Africa? What are your reasons, if you think they are still on top of the list and your reasons, if you think otherwise and is there remedy/solution to this menace or do you think there is not?

Note: As you all know, this is a debate, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, state your own view, with reason to back it up.

To participate, drop your view via the comment box.

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  1. Aba still maintains its position there just the lack of governmental attention is dragging the city behind, governmental attention in the sense of bad roads, no proper infrastructure, an investor is seen as a money making machine where the virgin land owners still come to you for dues after 10yrs despite the fact they dint sale the land to you directly. the people have the ability to compete with any city in the world if and only if the government can do a proper planning starting with cutting excessive levies to infrastructure,ABA is still the giant of African but for a very short period of time if the government don't fix things on time.

    • Hi, Noye, Thanks for your your response on this #TheDebate.

      It's a pleasure having you here, and your input is well comprehend.

      From our own understanding, you are trying to let us know that Aba is still the Japan of Africa, If only the government will start seeing the investors as a total gift and not as a meat.

      minimize multiple taxation and levies and provide a conducive environment for the people.

      Thanks for your wonderful input.


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