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Plain and Pattern Fabric business: All you need to know

With the harsh economy in the country today, everyone is looking for a business they can start with just small amount of money. And that’s the reason for high influx of retailers and customers in “Plain and Pattern fabric business.

It’s me again, Mr. Blessing, I’m here today to give you more insight about one of the most lucrative fabrics business called “Plain and Pattern”.

Although, few people have said it’s not that lucrative having ventured into it and dropped out, then I responded by saying, that everyone sees business from different angle.

To me, Plain and Pattern business is lucrative. Why? Because any business that has a good turn up is lucrative. In plain and Pattern, you can have a good turn up and cash out if you know your way about it.

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Plain and Pattern Fabric business: All you need to know
Fashion Style You Can Make With ‘Plain and Pattern’ Material

Because of some boiling questions I have received, I’m going to give out some tips on how to make profits from  the viral business known as “Plain and Pattern”.

But before I proceed, my name is Mr. Ngozi Blessing, founder Abacityblog Media.

I’m Plain and Pattern dealer and I have lots of boiling questions to discuss with you today.


It will be taken from the numerous questions I have received from my customers from different geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

The questions are listed below…

  1. What is plain and Pattern?

  2. Is it a good quality material and where is it being produced?

  3. How can I venture into it?

  4. Can I make profits out of it?

  5. How profitable its is?

  6. Who are my customers?

These are six out of the burning questions I have received recently from my customers and I’m going to answer the questions one after the other.

1). What is plain and Pattern?

Plain and Pattern is a fabric that comes in four (4) yards. The up, which is known as “Pattern” and the down which is know as “Plain”. Both are complete 2 yards making it 4 yards.

Note: The four (4) yards can make due for any average  person in making any kind of wears. But in any case the recipient is fat, the material may not due to make up a complete wear.

2). Where is plain and Pattern being produced?

Well, the question is valid and deserves some honest answer. The truth is plain and Pattern is just like normal fabric and like any other fabric, plain and Pattern fabric is being imported from China, Italy or any other fabric producing countries.

Plain and Pattern Fabric business: All you need to know
Fashion Style You Can Make With ‘Plain and Pattern’ Material

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But the merging of the materials into plain and Pattern which come is 4 yards is an idea of an Aba business men.

It was invented to ease off the cost of buying fabrics in higher prices. (Imaging buying 4yards of fabrics in a low price of #1500)? A material that comes with quality?

That is plain and Pattern and that’s why it’s very lucrative.

3) How can one venture Into?

Just like any other lucrative business out there, venturing into plain and Pattern fabric business is ideal. Yes it’s.

It’s so much easier if you follow my tips. First of all, lime any normal business, before you dive into it. First of all, know your customers.

  • Who are they?
  • Where are they?
  • How can I sell it to them?

As a “Plain and Pattern” dealer, the first thing I asked people who throw such questions at me, are; Who are your customers? What gender? Church members? Students? Do you have a shop?

How do you intend to sale?

Before you venture into the business, feel free to ask yourself these questions, evaluate it, find an answer, then dive in.

If possible, get this my bonus tips; “if your customers are your church members, make sure you let them know the business you have and get their reactions.

If they’re students, don’t hesitate to order small and use it an experiment, if it worked, then boom! You will be contacted by people to get more.

Making profit out of plain and Pattern fabric business is a sure thing. Why? Because since it’s a lucrative business that has a huge turn up, then making profits is an understatement.

4). How to make profits?

As a business person, what you buy a product shouldn’t be what you’ll sell it. So making profits is sure.

5). How profitable it’s?

Well, just like I said above, it’s so much profitable that one can make a living out of it. A material that comes in four (4) yards. You bought it at high or low price of #1300-1500, how much can you resell it?

In some instances, some of my customers sell it at #2500 some sell at #3000 while distributors sell at 1800 or 1500

With these figures above, it’s very lucrative and so much profitable, that is if you know your customers

6). Who are my customers?

That’s another valid questions and I think and I have explained that above.
In addition, in an event you want to.

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Bonu tips: How can I order and get it?

It’s simple, chat us on whatsapp:

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