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I Am Still With Him, Orji Uzor Kalu – By Eberekpe Ogho


It has nothing to do with the igbos or Nigerians; it is a human nature, albeit, unfortunate and shameful, that when a man is seemingly down those who are completely dead spiritually see it as an opportunity to celebrate. Shameful, disgraceful and absolutely childish and stupid.

No matter the hatred, there is no living spirit that would enjoy the travails of another. But the Igbos for some days have been doing just that prompting the question of their mental sanity.

Almost everywhere it is agog with stories with the depth of mental strength from a particular race trying so seemingly convincingly to unearth what should not and ought not to prove a point to justify their right to their venom against a fellow human being, especially from their own flock.

Again, shameful and disgraceful and raising the question in the minds of others from the other divides of their sanity and wisdom, and if they have been able to walk away from their past and embrace the finesse of the twenty-first century.

Every man is entitled to anger, but to be stupid in addition to the anger is derangement.


Maybe in ten years time from today in their careless harbouring, this group of mental case shall have to beat a retreat in regrets by the time they mature to the point of understanding the political game and makeup of a country they have chosen to be embittered with and the same country that has never hidden its grossness to fire up that embitterment.

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Nnamdi Kanu is a fine fellow, he is not doing anything out of the blues or out of the concept of the constitution of his present country until that which he desires and many too pray for; the constitutional right to self-determination, which Nigeria has continued to encourage by the ever divisive leadership moronity of a country that has never been.

But Kanu is not getting it right in the pursuit of what is constitutionally right the same way Ojukwu misfired.

Was the Chief Whip of the Nigerian Senate getting it right, understanding the political climate of the country he finds himself meantime and his wings, according to the plan, had to be clipped before he could fly?

He has everything the Nigerian polity requires of a politician who must succeed in the Nigerian politics and its political game and break even to and at the top.

But the the man and woman, especially in Abia were and are too impatient, based, notably on their inability to understand the dynamics of a dying country’s politics.

No matter the provocation, seemingly or not, the wise must stand with this man in his temporary set back, which is predicated on unwholesome naturalness.

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