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Why does Abia State have an image problem?

By Nneka Torti

Looking at the situation of Abia State, one will agree that the state is not where she should be. Apart from the constant rain we have and the lackadaisical attitude of the people assigned to do one job or the other which they end up not doing or end up doing it shoddily, and further draw the state backward.

Speaking with a section of the populace, you will hear that Abia State is not it, that Abia State is very backward and all of that.

Most times, when I go on social media and see the way in which Abia is devalued and demarketed at any given time, even by those who should know better, it gives me great concern.

Come to think of it, does it mean that other states do not have their own challenges?

Stories from a neighboring State indicate that months after the swearing-in of the Governor of Amo State, Emeka Ihedioha, Imolites are yet to feel the impact of government.

While some say he’s on a mission of personal vendetta against the immediate past Governor of the State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, others say he doesn’t understand what governance is all about.

The main thing here is that the people express their views critically without insulting or devaluing their State.
One might want to ask, why won’t we talk about the ills perpetrated in the State or where the government has done wrong? While I do not have anything against anyone criticizing the governor or the government, I am simply advocating that such criticism be done objectively, devoid of the crass insult and destruction of the State’s image that seems to have become the hallmark of a section of critics in the state.

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From happenings, it will seem to be an indisputable fact that opposition politics is the worst in Abia State, but at the end of the day, it is our State and we shouldn’t do anything to debase her.

Where the government does wrong, let’s say it, and where they do right, we should also say it. On both occasions, we should neither descend into the arena of crass insults nor climb the odious heights of bootlicking. Our intentions must be clear: to move the State forward.

What part do we play in demarketing the State?

The eyes are often attracted to what it sees before the mind processes the pros and cons of that particular product or thing.
This is naturally the law of nature. There is no how an investor will be attracted to the State if what he/she sees is the constant fault projected about the State without anything good said about her.

Every State needs investors to make progress, and it is not possible for investors to come in if what they constantly read about the State is the negative write-ups that some Abians are known for.

Also looking at it critically, it is clear knowledge that Nigeria is not in an excellent position right now even though this is is not an excuse for the government but to clearly tell you that Abia State is not the only state involved in these challenges confronting the nation as a whole.

A few days ago, the media aide to the President, Bashir Ahmed, posted a picture of a road which he clearly stated has been done but people called him out on it and provided pictorial evidence to back their claim up.

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Why am I saying this? Abia is not the only State with challenges so let’s stop the devaluing of this great State as if there is absolutely nothing good about her when there are a plethora of positive things we can also project about her.

First and foremost, our allegiance is to our beloved State so when criticizing her, be objective and polite.

Abia First.

This should be our motto and a strong point towards what we think is right and wrong for the State. You can call out the government towards what you feel is not right but be objective and most of all, be polite in your criticism.

Abia bu nke anyi.

Nneka Torti writes from Umuahia.

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