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This Is How I Revenged On A Woman Who Stole My Husband

I am not quick to take action, in most cases I consult God before I do anything. But this thing hurt my heart, it brought tears into my eyes, agony and misery into my life until I decided to take action.

My husband of 15 years almost divorced me for a woman who lives in ABUJA. It started when the woman relocated to ABUJA in an estate where my husband works as a care taker. At first I didn’t suspect anything since my husband pretended to be a committed Christian. We lived happily until he started losing interest in me. He could come at night, at around 10 pm, go straight to the bed without asking for food. In the bed, he would sleep as if I am not sleeping next to me…he completely forgot me.

I started sensing that there was something wrong in his life. I had been used to him, the first thing he asks for is food, the first thing he asks for in bed is to sleep with me.Then here is a completely changed man. The red sign made me to start investigating what had changed in him.

In my estate, I tried to investigate whether there was any woman who could be having an affair with him. The more I investigated, the more I didn’t get answers. I decided to personally visit his office in ABUJA

I waited for him to leave the house. At around 10 am,I decided to surprise him, I didn’t tell him I would be there. I stormed his office and caught him off-guard…he was talking to a man who had come to view a house.

After seeing me,he roared,”you woman,what have you come to do, who told you to follow me ”
I pick up his phone what I saw in the phone almost made me regret why I went to disturb my husband in the office. Imagine, I have never seen the phone, my husband use it only when he is in the office. I read over 70 messages sent from a woman.


Out of anger,I wrote down the woman’s number and saved it in in my phone. I then called the woman asking her what she was doing with my man.

“If you want peace, go to your home. Your husband doesn’t love you anymore and in future I will come to live in that house you call your home”,she told me on my face. That day I went home heart broken.

My husband came early and it was unusual. Without uttering a word,he put his coat on a sofa and started beating me. When the beating got worse,I slipped off his hands and ran away. I went to sleep in my neighbour’s house.

The following morning I returned to my house, only to find the woman had already arrived and she was throwing my belonging outside the house. When I tried to resist, she called my husband, who warned me of dire consequences if I don’t disappear from the scene within an hour.

After they were through, I took my clothes and went to live with my parents in ONDO STATE

It was in ONDOv where my mother told me to look for a way to bring back my husband. For three good months, my husband had not talked to me, I guess he was happy. I had done prayers and fasted all that time but I never saw anything good coming. In the event of looking for a solution, I met a friend, some lady who I schooled with. She is the one who encouraged me to visit someone who is famous for bringing together husband and wife.

I am always skeptical about witch doctors and traditional herbalists, but this time I was so desperate that I wanted to try one. I took the herbalist’s number, which is +234-812-288-1776 and called him.He told me to book a date and I did as his instructions. He also gave me this email to contact him in case he is unavailable Email:

After two weeks, I went to visit the herbalist in IMO STATE, he is called Dr Kenneth. The nice thing he did to me was to take me through the process. he is so professional. He then gave me a herb to use and cleanse myself and other things that I can’t mention here.

After two weeks my husband called me for greetings, he said he had missed me and he wanted to talk to me and apologize. I later realized from a neighbor in ABUJA that the woman who chased me from the house had stolen everything and disappeared.

As I write this, we are living together. I am grateful for my friend who directed me to the doctor.

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