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Did Nnamdi Kanu Address the European Parliament or A Fraction Thereof?

By Peter Ejirika

Did Nnamdi Kanu Address the European Parliament or A Fraction Thereof?

The question has been advanced in the African Circles in the motherland of did Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the freedom fighting Group known as the Indigenous People of Biafra address the European
Parliament, as he claimed he did though his name was not seen in any official bulletin of the Organization that he was to address them?

If he did, he may have addressed a fraction of the organization who had set out on fact finding mission either officially or unofficially.

From the perspective of a Veteran of Nigerian war of Genocide against Christians of the Biafrans’ Genre, I wish to state in no unmistakable terms that the best mouth piece of Biafrans are Dr. Ekwe Ekwe of Some Brazil University and Attorney Tony Amadi of the Niger Delta Congress.

These entities can make the Biafran Case better than any other Biafran either logically, legally, or politically before anybody either judicially or otherwise.

Nnamdi Kanu tried in his representation of the Biafran Cause but he failed to trace the origin of the Biafran Dilemma which began in or about 1885 when the British over riding philosophy of a Black Person was that a Black Person was not a normal human being rather he was the two thirds of a Human Being as a result our ancestors weren’t consulted when the British claimed in 1885 in Berlin that the Territory in Africa South of the Sahara belonged to them though our great grand-father King Jaja opposed this insinuation and he was banished to a cold country in the Carribeans where he died and the British
claimed he died of a natural cause but our scientist feel he was strategically murdered due to his rejection of the British idea of African Empire.

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Therefore, regardless of one’s political affiliations these entities should be called whenever there is need to present the Biafran Case considering its legal and political ramifications.

Dr. Peter Ejirika. CPA
Scholarly Practitioner
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Round Rock, Texas 78664

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