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iSabi: Earn real cash answering simple trivia questions online

If you love to play mobile games as much as I do, then there’s a chance that you may have likely installed and played trivia games like Trivia Crack or Quizup once in your lifetime.

Trivia games are more fun to play because it picks your brain to work, it makes you want to prove it, either to yourself or someone who’s watching. I remember trying so hard to win a trivia game because my siblings were sitting right close to me.

Trivia is what we do every day. We ask our friends questions and they give a reply to it, while we also do the same in turn. However, iSabi Trivia is currently live on Google Playstore.

Every day you can join and win big cash when you answer 7 questions correctly in just 1 minute. Amazing!

iSabi Trivia is a live trivia game show app with big cash prizes of up to N100,000. All you need do to share in the daily money is Join a game and Play the daily live multiplayer trivia as a live contestant and earn real money for answering simple questions right. It’s that simple.

iSabi trivia is bringing who wants to be a millionaire to a whole new level by making it easier for you to compete and simple questions in turn of winning some cool real cash from the comfort of your home.


Think about the questions you give answers to every day which mostly come from friends and family but includes no cash rewards. Remember the last time you had an argument about WIZKID and DAVIDO, MESSI and C. RONALDO, BUHARI and ATIKU. Which is a perfect indicator that you can play and win money.

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This is pretty much the kind of related questions you will likely see every time you play the live games and a lot more of inside-Nigeria, global facts, movies, Naija music and trends. Trust me, you will love the gaming experience and their style of questions.

Interested in winning big money answering simple questions?

Download the APP NOW:

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