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Things to Buy In Aba Without Fear Of Adulteration

  • By Ngozi Onwukwe

Aba, the commercial city of Abia State is arguably one of the best places that comes into the minds of many Nigerians and beyond when it comes to buying and selling.

The city filled with business minded individuals has never seized to display why it’s being called the Japan of Africa and the SMEs hub of the country.

Although, one cannot talk about the beautiful neglected city without the negative side of it. Recently, despite the high promotion of Aba by the present government through Made In Aba slogan, we found out that about 60 percent of Nigerians still believe that Aba is all about inferior and master in adulterated products.

While we can’t agree or dispute their opinion, as a media company, we believe in a balance reports. Our research showed that leather products made in Aba, like; Shoes, Sandals, Bags, Designers Clothes, etc., are legitimately Aba products and they are 100% quality and originally made, things beyond that may be adulterated.

More so, as we talk about adulterated products, we will not specifically name the products to avoid demarketing the original products, but we will describe the real reason why you should avoid such, to stay healthy.

Things to Buy In Aba Without Fear Of Adulteration
Fresh Tomatoes: May not be originally produced in Aba but it still one of the best food to buy with fear of adulteration

Things to Buy In Aba Without Fear Of Adulterated

1). Food: Fresh Vegetables are what we ought  to consume if we want to stay healthy and live longer. However, unlike other urban cities, Aba still one of the best cities to get fresh foods.


Why Aba: In Aba, there are still undeveloped areas where rural women (Ngwa clan) used as a farm. They plant their crops without season and so, the cultivation is expected without season. With this, fresh vegetables floods the city on a daily basis.

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2). Fruits: Just as we explained above, fruits are also the same with foods, they are fresh and ready to eat. If you’re in Aba, there are places you can get these fresh foods.

Places To Buy Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Unlike other developed cities, where one can get in a Shoprite mall, in Aba, they’re at every corner of any known markets.

Umungasi Market: The market is located at Umungasi junction adjacent to brass junction. A daily market where one can buy whatever foods he/she wishes. There, you can get all the fresh foods you want but make sure you go early or late in the evening.

Afoule Market: The market is located opposite Living World Hospital, Aba, it’s a daily market. There, you get all the fresh foods you want.

Ahia Ohuru (New Market): Located on Ngwa road in Aba South LGA, Abia State. It’s arguably one of the best place to get whatever you want, but make sure you washed and rinse your fresh foods before you eat them. The roads that lead to the market may be bad, but the residents have become habitual to it.

Good Morning Market: Located inside Ngwa Road, adjacent to Ogbor Hill axis of Aba. The market is one of the best place to get fresh foods.

While we may not name all the markets, but few names here are the best place to get fresh foods in Aba. Now, let’s talk about other products.

As we mentioned above, all leather works produces in Aba are legitimately made in Aba. Although, there are assertive that Aba made footwears are not superior but that is a topic for another.

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Things to Buy In Aba Without Fear Of Adulteration
Beverages here are used as examples as we do not state the one being adulterated while we advised you should know your vendor // Photo credit: Google Images

Things you should be careful to buy in Aba because of adulteration:

Beverages: Products which consist of drink that contains no alcohol. It can also be known as things we consume on a daily basis, like; Milk, Wine, Soda Water, etc.

Buying the above mentioned products in Aba, carefulness is very important while buying. According to science, things humans consume on a daily basis is one of the vital basic of long life or short lives.

Apart from non-alcoholic drinks, our research showed that even drinks that contains alcohol are being adulterated.

Drinks like; Spirit, Liquor, Blended rum, etc.

Our advise; Know your vendor and stick to him/her.

Recently, Health authorities invaded a fake factory in Aba, some of their marketers were arrested while the producers are still on the run.

In conclusion; while buying any products in Aba, make sure you know the original, if you’ve been using it, to identify fake one is easy.

When you spot the fake one, we advise you to raise an alarm. Let the right authority do the needful.

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