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Nnamdi Kanu shares New Nigeria International Passport with Fulani herdsmen as Pantheons

The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has shared the inside look of the new Nigeria’s international passport.

The new passport launched months ago, has “Fulani Herdsmen” as the country’s Pantheons.

According to Wikipedia, A pantheon (from Greek πάνθεον pantheon, can be described as “(a temple) of all gods”, “of or common to all gods” from πᾶν pan- “all” and θεός theos “god”) is the particular set of all gods of any polytheistic religion, mythology, or tradition.

Mazi Kanu who is residing in the United Kingdom, U.K, while sharing the screenshot, wondered why most Nigerians are still in doubt that the country is being turned to Fulani herdsmen Country.

He, also, wondered why a country of over 180 million, with religious diversity will have a one tribe as “pantheon” on their International passport.

Describing Fulani Herdsmen as the fourth most deadly terror group in the world, the IPOB leader asked Nigerians if they are still in doubt of what he has been said often times that the country has been hijacked by Fulani herdsmen and the need for disintegration.

He wrote, “And now that you have terror herdsmen & their cows on your new International Passport, do you still have any doubt? Every nation has pantheons. Is the fourth most deadly terror group in the world among the pantheons of Nigeria? Why proudly celebrate terrorism?

Below is the inside look of old Nigeria International Passport:

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Nnamdi Kanu
Lost Nigeria’s old International Passport. Photo credit:

Meanwhile, ABACITYBLOG recalled that the new International Passoport, which has 10-years validation was launched in the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Tuesday (15/01/2019).

Nnamdi Kanu
President Muhammadu Buhari, receiving the sample of the New Enhanced Security e-Passport during the official launch of the passport at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Tuesday (15/01/2019). Photo credit:

Apart from the 10-year validity, the new passport, according to the NIS has enhanced security and is ”weather friendly”.

The Immigration Service said the new passport has polycarbonate technology that eliminates damage and that it now saves Nigerians in diaspora the time needed to frequently visit Nigerian embassies for new passports.

Last October, Mr Babandede announced that Nigeria will begin using the new passport by December 2018.

Speaking with Channels Television, he said “ten years after the enrollment of the e-passport system, we need to improve the security features”.

While the new passport may be active by Dec, one wonders why the federal government decided to use Fulani cattle herders as the country’s pantheons.

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