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Why an Igbo Man cannot be President of Nigeria – Abdulrahman

Former Secretary of the Political Committee of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Alhaji Mohammed Abdulrahman, has stated the reasons why an Igbo man cannot become the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This is even as he said that Nigeria’s presidency in 2023 can’t go to a southern Christian, adding that only a southern Muslim not in the mould of the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu can be president of Nigeria.

Abdulrahman, in an interview with TheSun, said that An Igbo presidency cannot be possible as long as the issue of IPOB and Biafra, still exist.

According to him, “They (Igbo) should not think of the presidency of Nigeria; not for now. Is there going to be an Igbo Muslim? Do you ever foresee…there are many Igbo Muslims. We even have Igbo Muslim leaders and clerics in Igbo land, but they are not politicians. It is politicians that can run for the leadership of Nigeria.

“So forget it; they will keep on disturbing each other and fighting each other. You are talking of justice and fairness. Fair enough, but the presidency of Nigeria is not akara that they distribute. The presidency of Nigeria takes dedication and commitment. For now they are committed to Biafra. If not how can small boys stop them from thinking about whether or not they should stay at home because of Biafra.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo


“Igbo is Igbo right from the colonial days. Igbo try to dominate their environment in everything. That’s why they are everywhere in Nigeria. In trying to do so they have forgotten that since amalgamation, politics is a game of numbers. How many Igbo exist? Are they a political force by numbers? Politics is played by numbers and voters unless it is going to be rigged. Igbo are businessmen; they are not politicians.

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“Even the Igbo Muslims are businessmen; they are not politicians. So, how is Igbo presidency possible? It is not possible. That Igbo is not president will not generate problems for Nigeria. Do they want the military to come back? Do they want a military government to have sense to live peacefully in Nigeria? Are they trying to drive us back to Ironsi’s time and we go in roller coaster in circles? Is that what they want Nigeria to become? Only those dedicated can be president of Nigeria if they have the commitment, Abdulrahman asked.

Meanwhile, this is contrary to insinuations that the Igbo will produce the next President after Buhari in 2023.


On Tinubu, Abdulrahman, an International Security Surveillance expert, said “I think that Bola Tinubu cannot be president of Nigeria. He will not be unless as president of Oduduwa Republic. That is the way I see it.

According to him; “A Muslim Yoruba can be president of Nigeria, but Tinubu is ChrisMus. You know what ChrisMus is? It means somebody who is a Christian and a Muslim. Tinubu is ChrisMus.

“Tinubu is a double-faced Muslim. Sometimes you begin to wonder whether he is a Christian or a Muslim. That is left to God.

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