Alex Otti
Dr. Alex Otti

According to Anthony Liccione, ”In the beginning, some people try to appear that everything about them is ‘in black and white’, until late, their true colors come out”.

This quotation described the wolf in sheep clothing called Dr. Alex Chioma Otti, a chamellion who have for 8 solid years deceived Abians into believing him that God has sent him into politics to liberate Abians.

It will be very expedient to unfold some obvious facts with undeniable proofs on the person and character of the man under reference in this write up. This becomes very necessary because many right thinking citizens of Abia State see Alex Otti as a saint and savior sent by God to deliver the State from the hands of her political task masters.

In the words of Navonne John’s ”A persons character is shown through his actions in life and not where he sits on Sunday.”

With this thought provoking quotation from Navonne Johns, we therefore unfold to all Abians the ‘personality’ called Alex Chioma Otti who many of us, especially the teaming supporters of APGA in Abia State do not know.

It is said often that people wear mask of lie so that they will look attractive. This is the case of Alex Chioma Otti and Abians are advised to be very careful with the wolf that have come in sheep clothing to destroy APGA and Abia State.

I therefore crave your indulgence to streamline some of the true and verifiable facts Abians must know about the ”Banker turned Politician” so that Abians can judge the essence of claiming to be pretty on the outside when you are ugly in the inside-ie being hypocritical in nature.

To get the records straight, Alex Otti was a card carrying member of PDP in 2015 where he indicated his interest to run for the Governorship race in Abia State. As at that time, Alex Otti told the whole world that his nativity was Arochukwu and when the then Governor of Abia State T.A Orji informed him that the Governorship ticket was zoned by PDP to Ukwa-Ngwa Zone, the camellion called Alex Otti swiftly changed his nativity from Arochukwu to Isiala Ngwa(Umuoru) to be precise.

This he did because of his desperation to clinch to political power at the alter of deceit and lack of character. Thus, he chose to be very unstable as water and was never trusted by T.A Orji whom he thought will give him the PDP ticket in 2015.

Let it be known that it was after he was frustrated by PDP that he ran to APGA where he was sheltered and accommodated by the party which gave him ticket to run for the Governorship election in 2015.

To put the records straight and for the avoidance of doubt, APGA as a party in Abia State has been a vibrant political platform to win elections in Abia and the party has been making serious impact in the political development of Abia State before Alex Otti came into the party in 2015 with his bunch of inconsequential friends from the bank who have no political relevance in the political space of Abia State, starting from their wards up to the State.

It is very pertinent to let Abians know that Alex Otti is instrumental to all the monumental economic problems of Abia State through his anti financial advice he gave to the then Governor of Abia State, T.A Orji.

The name Alex Otti has never benefitted any Abian either in terms of philanthropic gestures or in the area of building industries in Abia where our children will be employed. The name is just an empty vessel that makes the highest noise without any developmental strides attached to same.

It will also be worthy to note that in 2015, Alex Chioma Otti deceived Abians into believing that he voluntarily resigned his comfortable job as the Managing Director of Diamond bank to join politics in order to rescue Abia from her political and economic underdevelopment.

This is a blatant falsehood from the pit of hell. Let it be known and let it enter the hearts of Abians that Alex Otti was shown the exit door to resign as the Managing Director of Diamond bank because of his dubious and criminal tendencies which forced the owners of the bank to give him an option of resigning or he will be sacked. Alex Otti chose a more honorable option by resigning his appointment which he errenously told Abians that he resigned voluntarily because of Abians when he still had 6 years and 6 months to serve out his tenure. It is also pertinent to note that all his personal friends/relatives he fraudulently hired in Diamond Bank including one Mike Akpara were immediately sacked from the bank.

Alex Chioma Otti claimed to be the owner of APGA in Abia State, a claim which is unfounded and same holds no water. Alex Otti has never invested any dine in APGA, from the Ward level to the Local Government level up to the State and to the National. His contribution in the party since he joined in 2015 is to sow seed of discord in the party.

Alex Otti is always selfish and trying to reap where he did not sow. A typical example is when in 2015 he appropriated for his personal use money (10m) given to Abia State APGA by some party stake holders from ANAMBRA State. The said party money which he fraudulently syphoned was used by him to fund his so called ”Abia First” made up of political jobbers and gold diggers who do not have APGA membership cards.

We shall at this juncture bring the issue of APGA Abia State party office claimed to be paid for by Alex Otti. For purposes of the records, we received with utter dismay the spurious claim that Alex Otti paid for the party office at No. 74 School Road, Umuahia.

It may interest Abians to know that as at 2015, when Nnanna Ukaegbu was suspended by the National Leadership of our great party as the Abia State Chairman, the party had no functional office then, thus the improviso arrangement to run the party from Alex Otti’s campaign office at Bank Road, Umuahia.
The operational base of the party in 2015 being his campaign office, all the expression of interest forms and application forms for the 2015 elections were managed by Alex Otti and all monies paid by APGA Candidates for 2015 elections were managed by him.

It will also be pertinent to draw the attention of Abians to the fact that within that same period in review, Alex Otti fraudulently collected the sum of N150m from Abia north candidates and N300m from Abia south candidates, which he pocketed at the detriment of the party in Abia State. These monies mentioned are outside the huge sums of money fraudulently collected by Alex Otti from our party candidates from Abia Central during the 2015 general elections, including enormous sacrifices and contributions of the Senatorial Candidate of Abia Central then, Barr. Ahandi Nweke who also worked very hard then to secure a permanent functional office for the party at No. 74 School Road Umuahia. It was Ahandi Nweke who used his personal relationship with Senator Nkechi Nwogu to secure the said office for the party.

Let it be on record that Alex Otti is still indepted to APGA, Abia State to the tune of over N100m and at the appropriate time, the party will make a formal demand for the refund of the said amount.
We should also note that it was as a result of fraudulent activities of Alex Otti that forced many stakeholders out of the party and these stakeholders never came back to the party again, leading to the monumental electoral failures of the party in 2019 elections.

Alex Otti is a selfish and self centered politician who will never see anything good in another person. It was this self exhibition of ego and pride that made him instrumental to the exit of 9 out of 11 honorable house members elected on the platform of the party in 2015. Alex Otti sees himself as a god, thereby having the wrong impression that APGA belongs to him even when he has contributed nothing to the growth and development of the party. It is a fact that APGA made Alex Otti and brought him to the limelight in Abia politics because nobody knew who Alex was before 2015 elections.

How then will a man who should be grateful to the party that made him fight against the party. Wonders shall never end and nothing good can come from evil.

In 2015, the man called Alex Otti fraudulently collected over N11B from APGA faithfuls including those from U.S.A in the name of prosecuting his 2015 governorship elections, which monies he pocketed without using same for the purpose for which it was given. Alex Otti’s Abia First followers were dumb founded and surprised to hear recently that the party gave Alex N120m for the 2019 election.

Little wonders why such donations did not come from APGA faithfuls in diaspora to him in 2019 elections because of his fraudulent activities in the name of running for elections which he uses to dupe unsuspecting and innocent citizens who want positive change in Abia State.

Abians, have you not also heard that Alex Otti fraudulently took over a piece of land situate at Arochukwu belonging to a poor little boy by name Edward Kanu Obiakor which was his inheritance from his father.

As if that is not enough, the same Alex Otti Abians do not know also in 2018 forged the will/testament of his late friend and supporter, Kalu Otisi, alias ABOTT in order to claim his estate and business empire, a criminal act which would have landed him in jail, except with the prompt intervention of the then Inspector General of police.

With all these monumental frauds and illegal activities of the man called Alex Otti, how can Abians entrust their destinies and future in his hands?

Alex Otti should leave APGA and Abians alone and face his numerous problems which includes deceit and dubious character exhibition which cannot be an attribute of a potential Governor of Abia State.

This epistle will not end without the famous quote of Matshona Dhliwayo who said ”If you wear a mask for too long, there will come a time when you cannot remove it without removing your face.”

Alex Otti has worn his fraudulent mask for so long, thus, the time to remove the mask on his face has come, so that Abians see the real Alex Otti, and his face removed with the mask.

Abians have been dealing with a fraudulent man and liar called Alex for 8 years now, therefore, we should listen more to what he has not said than what he does because he is never to be trusted.

Abians beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing, who have come to destroy Abia and APGA.

Hon. Felix Nkoro
APGA, Abia State Publicity Secretary.

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