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Fashion Style You Can Make With ‘Plain and Pattern’ Material

Plain and pattern, one of the most lucrative fabric businesses in Nigeria today, is really topping up the trend in fashion styles.

The fabric measured by two (2) yards each making it (4) yards, packaged in a small nylon is one of the fast selling fabrics in the city of Aba, Abia State.

A few years back when the business (Plain and Pattern) started, it was only being sold by a few people, but fact-check by Aba Market Place (AMP) proved that the business is really moving as many fabric dealers in the Ekeoha Market (Shopping Centre) has ventured into it.

“Plain and Pattern sell faster than any kind of fabrics I have deal with. Although, no much gain, but it’s better than one to open his/her shop, but sold nothing in a day,” says Mr. Uche (a fabric dealer in Aba).

Same commendation has been made by retailers and distributors. Many have done great things while selling plain and pattern fabric.

But one may ask; What kind of “Fashion Style” can I make from ‘Plain and Pattern’ fabric?


Well, It’s important to know that Plain and Pattern are made from all kinds of materials, but not the expensive ones. Thus, is the reason why they are not too expensive. (Imagine buying 4 yards of materials at the price of N1200)

Sometimes, the materials are sourced from (bail materials), Shirt materials, Polish Materials, Chinos, etc.

If you are still confused about the kinds of Fashion Style you can make out of ‘Plain and Pattern’, well, worry no more as some people has already rocked different styles made from the fabric.

TRENDING: Plain and Pattern: One of the lucrative Fabric Business In Aba Fabric Market

The photos below are examples. (Note: “Fabrics rocked in the photos below are samples, no guarantee that they may be found”)

1). Not bad after all: “Plain and Pattern” fashion style rocked by Nollywood actress, Rachael Okonkwo

Plain and Pattern
Not bad at all: Plain and Pattern fashion rocked by Nollywood actress, Nnenna Rachael Okonkwo

2). Popular ‘Isi Agu’ was used as ‘Plain and Pattern‘ in this lovely pre-wedding photo.

Plain and Pattern
Popular Isi Agu used as Plain and Pattern rocked by husband and wife

3). What about this “Animal Skin” material, cute right? It’s made with plain and pattern.

Plain and Pattern

4). So cute, this stripe material is really trending. You too can try it!

Plain and Pattern

You see! Now it’s clear that plain and pattern is trending and before it becomes viral, most of you don’t know that these fashion styles are called plain and pattern.

Next time you are looking for a new trendy material or Fashion style, think about plain and pattern. You can use it to sew any design you want. Make sure you have a good designer, then you are good to go!

But How much can I get it?

Plain and Pattern can be gotten for the price of N1100 – N1500, depending on the type, and quality of the material.

Some dealers use inferior materials, while some deal with good and quality ones. If you’re looking for quality ones, contact: Mr. Blessing (Call or Whatsapp: +234-7038111972)

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