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Plain and Pattern: One of the lucrative Fabric Business In Aba Fabric Market

I have often talked about the Aba fabric market, especially the place where it’s located and where you can get the cheapest deal out of your shopping experience.

But there are other things behind shopping in Aba Market.

Before I proceed, we need to take some time out and review the kind of stuff we buy while shopping in Aba Fabric Market. What kind of materials do you deal on? What are their names and why do you deal on them?

Are they lucrative? Affordable? Saleable?

Above are some of the questions that should bump into your mind when you think of shopping in the Aba Fabric Market.

My name is Ngozi Onwukwe. I am a market representative with


The platform is based categorization on fabrics in Aba fabric market and it’s no longer news that we have been servicing a lot of customers through our brand.

But wait! am I going too far from the topic? I guess that’s exactly what I am doing now.

Is ok, now let’s continue on the topic that brought us to this landing page. The topic was: Plain and Pattern: One of the lucrative Business In Aba Fabric Market.

What is plain and pattern?

That should be another question someone starting up a fabric business should ask. But if you’re a pro, then read on, why you are here.

*Plain and Pattern can be defined as a packaged plain and pattern material (measuring by 3½ yards or 4 yards ). The plain, 2½ yards and the pattern 1½ yards, making it 3½ yards, same thing applies to 4 yards.

Another question is; What materials are they made up from?

Well, they are made up from all kinds of materials, but not the expensive ones. Thus, is the reason why they are not too expensive.

Sometimes, the materials are sourced from (bail materials) (What is bail materials?) Refer to this article if you don’t know.

For those that have the knowledge, let’s proceed.

Why is plain and pattern lucrative fabric business?

Plain and pattern is a lucrative fabric business because you can get it in a cheap price in the Aba fabric market and sell it at any amount you wish as a retailer.

Customers outside Aba, like Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Lokoja, Port Harcourt, etc. can testify.

How much can I get it?

That is another question buyers may ask. But I don’t want to disappoint you with my answer. Aba Fabric Market is huge and customers come on a daily basis to make purchases and it will be a good option if you call or whatsapp this number: +2347038111972 – for more clarifications on the affordable price for retailers.

Listing the prices here can be described as an act of disfranchising the dealers in the market. But it can’t be higher than N1,500 per package. (3½ yards or 4 yards) depending on material.

How do I make profit?

Buying plain and pattern at the price of N1,500 (for example) is profitable for retailers. According to research carried out by AbaMarketPlace, prices for Plain and Pattern is higher outside Aba (Prices withheld for profitable purpose)

But as a retailer, you should know your way around.

Yet not satisfied with my article? Call this number: +234-7038-1119-72 – That is my business line. I will personally put you through.

Checkout Fabrics example below:

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  1. Bukola Bukola March 20, 2019

    Pls what is d name of the marketi can buy plain and pattern from in Aba.
    Being a first timer coming to ABA MKT what will u advice.


    • Ngozi Onwukwe Ngozi Onwukwe Post author | May 11, 2019

      Ekeoha Market (Shopping center)

  2. Fortune Fortune May 21, 2019

    Thanks for this. But I want to start selling some how do I know honest sellers that wouldn’t cheat me. I’m in Lagos.

    • Ngozi Onwukwe Ngozi Onwukwe Post author | May 21, 2019

      We do sell, you can chat us on whatsapp: 07038111972

  3. Osademe Joy Osademe Joy January 3, 2020

    How much capital does someone need to start plain and pattern business

    • Ngozi Onwukwe Ngozi Onwukwe Post author | January 4, 2020

      It depends on your budget, also, depending on how many you want to buy and what returns you expect to see.

      Us here, we advised, N20,000 per starting.

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