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Yam Vine Technology; The fastest way to grow yam with its leafs (not with the tuber)

As recession bites harder, there is indeed another means of growing a yam plantation without the tuber, and the tuber can be used for other purposes.

The process is called “Yam Vine Technology”.

What is Yam Vine Technology?

Yam Vine Technology can be easily defined as a process of planting a yam with its leafs (not with the tuber) as everyone fondly does.

With this new technology in Agriculture, someone can easily grow a yam plantation with only the leafs, while the tuber can be used for other purposes.

Speaking with Mr. Kalu Ichie Kalu, The chairman of the Agricultural Innovation Platform, at his office in Umuahia, Abia State Capital. He describes Yam Vine Technology as a total breakthrough in terms of yam plantation.

He said, “Yam Vine Technology is a total breakthrough that no one can compare to other Agricultural breeds. It’s something no one could think of, but we did it, we tested the process and it worked, with this technology, someone can easily grow his/her yam with only the leaf.

Speaking further, when Abacityblog asked him about the process, how someone can be able to do it; He replied: “This is our technology and we will be ready to coach anyone that is interested to learn”.

“We will welcome anyone interested, we are also pleading for the government to help in terms of sponsorship, Individuals willing to sponsor are also welcomed, including anyone ready to learn from our Agricultural Technology”, he stated.

In another development, the Agricultural Innovation Platform led by Mr. Kalu Ichie Kalu was also the people who invented the bio fuel stove that has taken over the internet.

Speaking about the bio fuel stove, he made it clear to Abacityblog that the stove was an experiment, an innovation that is about to take over the market in Nigeria.

When asked about how the media came over the cassava leaf topic, he debunked anything about cassava leaf as the source of the fuel, but pointed out that he and his group tested the stove with a Water Hyacinth while at the Workshop at Keffi, Nassarawa State, on 20th October 2016.

Yam Vine Technology
Yam Vine Technology; The fastest way to grow yam with its leafs

According to him; “We told the audience at the workshop, that we are planning to use bio fuel generated from cassava leaf to power the stove, we did not make mention of using it at the workshop.

According to Mr Kalu, “we were planning on to be generating the bio fuel from the cassava leaf until we received a letter from the Donor Agencies telling us the consequences of using cassava leafs, the food shortages it might cost the region that depends on the leaf as their source of vegetable.

But, we are also experimenting another leaf, and when it’s done, we will make it public to the market, Mr. Kalu added.

Note: For the Yam Vine Technology, interested person should reach them on: 08037429703

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