Python Dance And The Ignominious Call For Presidential Election Boycott

Python Dance And The Ignominious Call For Presidential Election Boycott
  • By Uchechukwu Elechi

As you’re planning to boycott the presidential election on February 16, don’t forget you’re indirectly voting President Buhari — the same man who sent Pythons to come to the South-East and dance; we all haven’t forgotten the result of that ruinous dance, and we shall as a matter of fact never forget.

When these pernicious Pythons came to dance in our region even without any sound of music, we raised our voices in lamentation, wrote to United Nations, including different human rights organisations, yet no one came to our aid despite “our presence in over 88 countries of the world” and our ‘unequalled, prodigious and revolutionary’ radio station which even transmits from the home of the so-called men and women of goodwill.

We couldn’t help ourselves then because even the United Nations, United States, Israel etc we hoped on simply never cared and are not ready to.

Now, we have the chance to teach the man who brought Pythons to dance in our region a bitter lesson, a chance to tell him that we matter, a chance to prove to him that we are not after all irrelevant as he has always thought; but unfortunately, we are about to misuse that opportunity — an action we may live to regret for the rest of our lives.

How would you feel if the Pythons return to dance again, and ineluctably swallow your loved ones in the process just because you sat at home on February 16 when you should have ordinarily gone out to make a difference?

We are all aggrieved, but we should put emotions aside, develop reason and think outside the box.

If the Pythons return and your loved ones lose their lives in the process, do not cry, do not call for help, because it is you who boycotted the election that is responsible for their evitable death.

Boycotting elections poses an existential crisis for opposition parties — not the ruling ones. Therefore, Boycott of presidential election in the South-East is an indirect endorsement of President Buhari’s reelection, do not be deceived.

Make out sometime and research on “Election Boycott”, you’d be shocked to find out that 96% of it yielded no positive result and those that participated in election boycott to register their grievances later regretted why they did.

The Cabal is extremely happy over the call for election boycott in the South-East, because it is to their own advantage.

Think about this…

If Buhari could be so mean to you now that he even needs your vote, have you thought of what he would do to you when he no longer does?

Let no man deceive you. Only the man who wears a shoe knows where it pains him. Remember you can never cry more than the bereaved. A man who lives outside Nigeria can’t claim to understand your plight more than you who has virtually lived all your life here.

If Python dance returns, it is you and your loved ones who would become victims, not the man who is domiciled in a foreign land.

Ask yourself this question: If Catalonia that has its own functional government conducted a referendum in 2017 (not by sitting at home), and it was declared illegal and was subsequently suspended by Spain, is it now IPOB that don’t even enjoy the support of any House of Assembly member in the five respective states in the South-East that will conduct a referendum that will be legalized?

Sit down and have a rethink. This is not time for emotions and sentiments, but a time to exhibit healthy and balanced intellectuality and reasonableness.

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