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2019: Between EQUITY, Ethnic Pride And Governor Ikpeazu (Opinion)

By Francis Dimkpa

BETWEEN December 2018 and January 2019 alone I received over ten hot offers to help promote the ongoing media propaganda against the person of Abia Governor and his government to which I declined all. I think some people misunderstood my criticisms of the government to mean something else.

However, my question to offerers is what exactly is their motivation. I like to hear a recruiter’s argument against an establishment before joining their movement.

Interestingly, It is either they are in the opposition party or their principal is seeking the same office. I have always argued that I am not born a party man but I am born a Nigerian, an Abian, an Ngwa, therefore the concept of partisan politics remains secondary to the interest of Ndi Abia, nobody should use my gifting to pursue what seems like a clandestine agenda; Dimkpa is too big for that kind of nonsense. Keep your money.

Sincerely, I went on a media break for some time, deciding to stay on the fence and watch events as they unfold. I can say without fear of favour that the arguments against the reelection of Governor Ikpeazu is too weak, mundane to unseat a governor.

The opposition have not been able to put on a good fight against the number one contender except the rants of delayed salaries, gratuities and pensions Even at that, I hear that the man has been constantly upping his ante in the area of salary payment in Abia State lately, casting an iron fist on the snake charmers.


In another dimension, the issue of equity has been poorly handled by the opposition. They have not been able to convince Ndi Abia about why the Ukwa Ngwa nation should give up on their pride of place and truncate equity now that it is their turn.

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The government people have been championing the message of ‘Performance Justify Equity.’ I think that is a great idea right there.

Do I still hold my grudge against this government? Of course, yes. But my personal interest can never be enough reason to undermine a government we all fought for in our various echelons to see to its actualization. I did not put my life and career in the line in 2015 only to have it dismantled in 2019 without enough justifying facts.

Just like many others who still feel the Governor and the government people have failed them on their personal agreements (not collective interest rather), I also think we should just give up on our individual interests and see beyond our noses.

It is high time we began to look deeper into what really should matter than allowing our personal interests to lead our actions and inactions. I would rather encourage us to drop our various political affiliations to the benefit of all, both the weak and the voiceless. I want us to debate Governor Ikpeazu’s reelection on the basis of truthfulness and firmness and FairPlay.

Why should we give up on equity, our pride as a people in just four years? What is our guarantee that his successor will be a better man to the Ukwa race?

I am ready!

Let’s begin!

Francis Dimkpa writes from Abayi Ohanze.

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