5 Tips You Need To Know While Shopping In Aba Market

Aba Market

By Ngozi Onwukwe

5 Tips You Need To Know While Shopping In Aba Market

Let’s assume that this is your first time of visiting Aba, or it’s really your first time of shopping in Aba market, don’t you think you need some tips to get the best out of your shopping experience.

Okay, Let’s also assume that this is your second time coming to Aba to buy stuff, like Fabrics, Textiles, Wears, Shoes, etc. Don’t you think you need to apply more wisdom while shopping in Aba market?

We asked the above questions following a lot of complaining about how people came to Aba and buy materials or any other stuffs, but at the end, they felt unsatisfied, maybe because they entered into the wrong hands, or they were absolutely unaware how to shop in Aba market.

Before we give you our tips, let’s remind you that Aba, the commercial nerve centre of Abia State, a city christened ‘Japan of Africa’ is a place to explore.

Aba, known as an industrial hub produces over eight hundred thousand (800,000) pairs of shoes, three hundred and fifty thousand (350,000) Belts, Bags and other leather goods.

Also, another One Million, Five Hundred Thousand (1,500,000) Clothing items are manufactured every week in Aba. This is excluding other manufacturing activities around industries such as upholstery, metal, machine and automobile repairs and fabrication.

So if you’re coming to shop in Aba, you may need our tips to guide your shopping experience.

Now, Let’s get started.

Best Tips You Need To Know While Shopping In Aba Market
Shopping in Aba can be stressful, but with our tips you need not to worry, only read and follow up everything we wrote here.

1). Understand why you’re here: Understanding the place called Aba can be really helpful if your aim is to come and shop. Make sure you’re really prepared and also, make sure you have your list of purchasing items ready.

Why? Because, as a commercial city, everything is saleable and buyable here. Be focused and walk into any market.

2). Be friendly: Aba people hate strict people, if you’re really not a jovial person, sorry, you’re going to make an enemy probably, might not end well via shopping experience.

Be friendly, but don’t get too loose, walk into the market and begin your shopping. Price with a conscience, don’t act as if you know it all.

3). Ask questions if it’s your first time: Yes! This is one of the parts we would like you to consider. Several times, we have received compliant, people reporting of being unsatisfied, of how they bought fake products in Aba. The truth is every market has counterfeit sellers, Aba is not exceptional.

Be vigilant, but always walk into any shop, ask the owner questions, like; Please I need a good place to buy (mention the name of the product). Believe me, Aba people always like to help, the person you approach will kindly help you without hesitation.

4). Be wary of the customers: Most of times people fall into trap of being called; “My Customer” – always try new hands.

If you really have a customer in Aba market, that always smiles at you and hail you; “My customer” – I suggest you try new hands and know exactly the difference.

5). Buy from Online “Aba Market Place: Aba Market Place is an e-commerce platform coming up in Aba, the platform will be ready soon.

The platform will house all the market in Aba, by showcasing the products and services. It will also have the buying and selling features, where people living outside Aba will be able to buy stuff from Aba without stress of coming down to Aba.

AMP, when launched, will be a new way to shop in Aba without stress.

In conclusion, shopping from Aba with our guide will make it very easy and simple for you.

But what market do you want to visit first? Ariaria International Market, New Market (Ahia Ohuru), Cemetry, Shopping Centre, etc?

Tell us in the comment box, also let us know if you need our assistant to help you explore the market. Check out our contact below.

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