Domesticating Internet Technology
Domesticating Internet Technology - By Obinna Uche Uzoije

By Obinna Uche Uzoije

In Nigeria, we impair the meaning of the above terms when we buy goods from China or other foreign countries into our country and put them on the internet to make sales.

When we do that, we have not truly domesticated technology instead we keep causing a rise in other economies, whereas we actually do not produce anything and offer to the world.

So many online sale strategies thrive because they deal on foreign products. I mean, the ratio of websites that sell foreign products in Nigeria to that of websites that sell Nigerian made products in Nigeria is a slide down a steep slope.

This can give statistics on how much we engage in economic activities geared towards survival and how much we downplay a nation’s economic creativity that should gear towards generational economic plans for our people.

Alibaba saw the industrialization in China and then built an international network that projects the mass productivity of China to the world. Alibaba now has created millions of employments in China because the country has taken time to industrialize their products by creating moulds that can mass produce almost anything you can think of on the go.

But in Nigeria, we want to skip that age of industrialization that involves creating of moulds and systems that mass produce to satisfy our own markets and then plan to export to foreign markets. We have jumped into the internet where we think we have domesticated but only successfully sold out other country’s products over and over again.

When cargo planes come to deliver our orders from other countries, they go back empty. We are made to believe the standards we need to meet before exportation is high and we can not possibly meet up because we have not industrialized.

With all our intelligence, our goodwill, our respect for elders, our morals, our human capacity development, are we a group of 180 million people that send nothing out to the world? This goes back to the difference between economic activities and economic creativity.

Our culture of industry is killed by the government policies. Our support systems to protect the markets for what we produce is diseased. Our young people are rich in mind content but very poor in hand content so they all have to start from ground zero.

Our parents are old and still doing menial humiliating jobs. Don’t you see a meticulous attack on our society to kill our sense of process for our raw materials but project finished goods from other countries?

There is a fight the past generation did not fight. And it is a fight for industrialization. If we do not fight it too, our children will inherit this poverty that we presently suffer.

#COI is coming.

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