Ponzi Scheme Defrauds Aba Residents Of Millions Of Naira

A Ponzi scheme in Aba – known as ‘Unique Empowerment’ and ‘Unstoppable Empowerment’ has left its members in tears as they suddenly closed up their office without notice.

This development has brought an uneasy calm today, in the commercial city of Abia State as many who participated in the scheme in order to double up their money felt defrauded by the operators of the scheme.

Although, the scheme posed as a helping hand to the needy, but took a different form today when participants besieged the Aba Central Police Station (CPS) in protest of the inability of the scheme to pay back their money.

One of the Ponzi scheme with its branch located at number #5 Nicholas street off Brass road, Aba – was closed up as participants were left heartbroken and helpless.

Speaking to ABACITYBLOG, some of the participants expressed dissatisfaction over the development, while some who claimed to have borrowed money they invested, said they want justice to be done.

A participants who gave her name as Nwachukwu Goodness, said; “I’m very much annoyed, for what is happening here today. I was referred to this ponzi scheme (Unique Empowerment) by a neighbour and I heard that they were registered empowerment programme with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, CAC.

“I joined the scheme when I heard that they can multiply someones money, she said.

“I invested N40,000 in order to get N55,000 after one week and I have never gotten my money neither the interest. Also, I invested my money (N40,000) when I got the news that the woman in charge (Mrs. Blessing) is doing a great business with peoples money, which can also help and multiply our money. Even petty traders invested heavily in this, she concluded.

Also speaking, another victim who simply identified his name as Mr. Eze, said; “He joined the scheme (Unique Empowerment, Unstoppable Empowerment) and he has gotten his first payment.

According to him “people who invest N39,000 are to get N69,000 after one week; while those who invested N41,000 were promised to get N70,000 after 7 days time.

But Eze regretted that (yesterday) Monday the supposed 7 days ended in agony and tears as many who invested their money while came to collect it was disappointed finding out that the office of the scheme was closed and lock up.

“Since yesterday we are here. I have tried the first one the thing work out, but i tried again and the thing closed”, he stated.

Another victim, Joseph Oscar Kalu whose story sounded differently, alleged that the woman in charge, Mrs. Blessing was arrested by the Police while trying to withdraw money to pay them as yesterday was the due date.

He said; “I’m a member of Unique Empowerment, located at number 5 Nicholas street off brass road. We were told to Pay N20, 000 and get N35, 000 or Collect foodstuff equivalent to the money”.

“Monday (yesterday) was the 7 days to pay our money, but we heard that the woman went to the bank to withdraw some money in the bank, but due to the crowd at the bank, the bank manager called the police and arrested the woman in charge, Mrs. Blessing

“We converged here (CPS) to protest over the inability of the scheme to pay us our money. It’s my first time and I’m yet to receive my money neither the interest.

“I’m calling on the government to stop this scheme because it’s fraud, they should put a stop to it to save peoples lives. Those behind this should be arrested”, he charged.

Meanwhile, ABACITYBLOG gathered that Ponzi scheme has almost taken over Aba, a city known as business hub, as many are still investing their money despite the outcome.

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