Funke adesiyan

Popular actress/politician Funke Adesiyan have expressed her Slammed Linda Ikeji over what she describes as latter’s obsession with her boobs.

Funke accused linda ikeji of not having any post to write on her blog other than her boobs.

Attaching her picture with that of linda’s she asked the popular blogger if she was obsessed with her boobs because she wishes to have boobs like hers, and advised her to go to a surgeon which she directed.

Her post reads: “I just read your post about me on your blog. I was surprised you have been writing about me in the past  eight years or so, and 85% of the time, it’s about my boobs. Is my boobs a reminder of what you wish you had? Or are you bisexual in nature? I can’t fathom how a woman will be constantly attracted to another person’s body like you,” she wrote.

“You talked about how I took a dip in a pool today. My sister, no be pool, it’s called jacuzzi J.A.C.U.Z.Z.I. and you sit in a jacuzzi”.

More so, am I expected to wear Iro and Buba here? This is a picture of you and I in our swimsuits. The only difference is in the size of our boobs. My sister, contact Dr @grandvillemedlaser if you want yours bigger.

“Your obsession with my boobs got to stop. After all, if you don’t have it, you buy it! It’s becoming a noise,” adds the post.

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