Chaos of the highest magnitude was averted on Tuesday, 5th June at the Eziukwu Market (Cemetery Market) in Aba, the commercial capital of Abia State as a member of Abia State Vigilante Group (Bakassi) cut the head of a trailer driver open with cutlass over disagreement in levies to be paid.

As gathered by our correspondent, it is now a norm for trailer drivers or those bringing in containers into the Eziukwu market to pay the Bakassi boys N200 naira as security levy. Disagreement came between Bakassi boys and a driver whom they insisted must pay N500 higher than what others paid.

According to an eyewitness, Mr. Ikechukwu Oforha, the Bakassi boys wanted to intimidate the drivers into paying higher levies for no reason. He said the incident is enough for the Abia State police commissioner to disarm them because they are no longer relevant in security matters.

“I was here that early morning when they insisted the driver must pay N500 when others were paying N200. To be honest to you, the driver never expected the wickedness melted at him by these Bakassi boys. He was carelessly arguing with them not knowing they were animals in human flesh.

“The driver came down from him vehicle as they were dragging him out and told them he will never pay that instead, he will remain here with them. They said he can remain here, but he will never have any single good from his van offloaded until he pays them complete. The driver kept waving the N200 note in his hands shouting for them to take it or leave it.

“When it was done to the driver that they are not willingly to yield and are bent of wasting his entire day, he tried to move out as he was encouraged by some of his colleagues who trooped out to urge his to enter his vehicle and go to a place it will be offloaded as he has duly paid the normal levy.

“On the attempt to enter his vehicle, one of the heartless and useless Bakassi Boys used his machete on the driver and opened his head. As the driver fell at the pool of his own blood, all the Bakassi Boys escaped within a twinkling of an eye.

“As the man was being rushed to the hospital, his colleagues decided to block the road leading to the market. That is why the whole place was dull until now that it is obvious that the man didn’t die afteral.

“We call on the police commissioner in Abia State to disarm these boys because they are no longer relevant. They don’t catch thieves, they don’t catch kidnappers, and they don’t control even traffic. All they do is to molest innocent people and carry out all manner of assault on road users.”

Source: AbaCityBlog/Naijawatchdog

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