Enyimba Stadium Aba
Poor State Of Enyimba Stadium Aba

Following the yet to be completed Enyimba International Stadium, Football Club of Aba, fans has called on the Abia State and the contractor, MoniMichelle to accelerate work on the sports ground.

Enyimba FC, otherwise known as “Peoples Elephant” has over the few years played their home games at away, the football club which has won the African Championship League (CAF) back-to-back is obviously missing their playground.

Irked by the snail speed of the contractor handling the stadium, Mr. Samuel Okoro, a sports analyst, has penned down his opinion and state categorically that everything he said in the article should be attributed to him.

According to the article he wrote on his social media page, Mr. Okoro said,  “It’s a “shame that a club as big as Enyimba (the Elephant) have gone to Port Harcourt, Umuahia (the state capital) and Calabar to play their home games”.

He called on the state government led by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu and the contractor, Mr Ebi Egbe (MoniMichelle) to do the needful.

Photo: Poor State Of Enyimba Stadium Aba by Samuel Okoro

Read the post below:

For two years if not three…the People’s Elephant, the biggest Elephant have continued to travel in search of a place called home after it was driven from its natural habitat.

A shame that a club as big as Enyimba (the Elephant) have gone to Port Harcourt, Umuahia (the state capital) and Calabar where they’ve found a favourable ground….

But definitely not the crowd, all in search for a dwelling place till they come back home.

Days have passed, months too, even years have rolled and yet the dilemma of fixing this fortress seem far from being settled.

From the contractor to the state government (both who should cover faces in shame) have played the Enyimba fan. Promises upon promises, yet the evil bird that sings at noon is yet to be killed by the bullet of the hunter or the arrow of his hunter friend.

I watched the last Enyimba continental game in Calabar and I was enveloped in disgust as less than 2,000 fans came to watch the only Nigerian team playing in the continent. Imagine if that match was played in Aba, imagine, imagine, just imagine…. Because at this point you can only imagine.

Mr Ebi Egbe (MoniMichelle) has called on the state government to release N60million for him to finish the work (the work here I don’t understand, I don’t know if it is re-grassing alone or other things included). With the state government yet to respond, I take it that the government hasn’t finished payment.

Faulting Mr Egbe, he should have opened up to speak…. But no, he always sounded diplomatic whenever asked about payment. Now, water don dey pass garri, mouth don dey open.

Please for friends of both the state government and the contractor….. Kindly tell them Enyimba fans want the People’s Elephant (the biggest Elephant) home. How they do it, we do not care, just get the boys home before the next round of continental games(hoping that Enyimba makes it far)

We have waited too long, we thirst to watch Enyimba play in ABA and not adding the CAL to it.

NB – Whatever you read on this post is/are MY THOUGHT(S) as an ENYIMBA FAN (that at least I am entitled to) – Mr. Samuel Okoro.

Check out the current state of Enyimba Stadium:

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