Dr. Agbazuere

By Ifeanyi Okali

A former Commissioner for Information and Strategy in Abia state, Dr. ACB Agbazuere has warned the people not to consider political alignment in making their choices of who represents them at various levels in 2019 but competency, warning that such could amount to putting themselves in chain.

Addressing friends and well wishers who attended his 54th birthday yesterday in Umuahia, the former local government chairman of Isialangwa South and House of Representatives aspirant said “when elections come, your party will go and bring a palm wine tapper to go and represent you in Abuja, not even in Umuahia but Abuja that has a crowd of 360 people where the palm wine tapper will be swallowed in the course of lawmaking, and you will vote for him because he belongs to your political party, you are putting yourself in a greater chain than the one Satan has put you. The time for the rebirth is now, the time for the change is now”.

Quoting Karl Max, the constitutional lawyer said until people become conscious of their problems, and conscious of how to go about it and determined to get out of the quagmire, change will not come and problems will remain unsolved.

“Last 2 years they told me and it has turned out to be that I’m the only person in Isialangwa South that has a Ph.D in Law. Apart from being a Doctor of Laws, by the special grace of God I was able to graduate with a Cumulative Average Point of 4.93. Apart from that, by the grace of God too, I have the capacity and knowledge. I am not only fearless, I also have the language and capacity to deliver that message” he said.

Agbazuere who also claimed that the mandate which his people gave him was traded off in what he called political mathematics vowed that his people are determined to oust those he described as non performers who want to perpetuate themselves in office beyond 2019, saying that time has come for the people to effect the change they so desire.

He also warned the people against money politics. “They said I don’t have money for this election and I ask, the money which people is it meant for? To give to you, my people? They even think you should be bought.

“An armed robber thinks he can come and buy you and by that he is de-classifying you. Those who have stolen money think I don’t have as much as they have. I know I have some money and I am aware my mandate is from God and you the people” he boasted.

He assured that when elected, systems that will enthrone transparency and openness and melt out adequate punishment for corrupt officials of government would be put in place to discourage a situation where security operatives become willing tools for bribery during elections, describing such as the by product of corruption.

Dr. Agbazuere assured the people that a vote for him is a vote for liberation from several years of bad representation and denial of the people’s right, stressing that time is ripe for true change to take place.

The human right activist also expressed gratitude to God for bringing him this far in life, saying that God has been merciful and kind to him and also giving him all that pertains to life and godliness.

He also prayed for good health and more years to live to continue serving his people at various capacities.

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