Question Of The Day: What Type Of Business Can You Start With N20k In Aba?

Aba has always been known as a business hub and the commercial nerve centre of Abia State, this has led many people relocating to Aba (known as Enyimba city) for business purposes.

Recently, we received numerous messages and email from our subscribers asking us the type of business someone can start in Aba with a little fund and make a living out of it.

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Well, the truth is there are a lot of businesses someone can venture into, but first, anyone interested in any business should first have some knowledge about it before diving into it.

If you want to start any business in Aba, check out the best and most recommended lucrative businesses to do in Aba, read the full post here: What Is The Best Business To Do In Aba? [See Business Ideas that works]

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The above link is all about the best business to do in Aba, but what about the amount and how lucrative they are? That brings us to our main discussion.

What Type Of Business Can Someone Start With N20,000 In Aba?

Do you know any? Let’s discuss!

Question Of The Day: What Type Of Business Can You Start With N20k In Aba?

If you have any business idea in mind – whereby someone can start with N20,000, please drop it in the comment box below!

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  1. Yes like seriously there is a comfortable business you can start with less than 20,000 & make at least 7,000 every week……for a start is a very known business which is boxers business it doesn’t require much capital to start cause here in aba you can get a very nice shirt materials at school road opposite school of health at a #200 naira per yard so with 10k you can get up to 50yards of shirt materials (pieces) then took it to specialized boxers tailor who may charge you 70 to 80 per one & know one yard is equal to two boxers so now you are sewing 100 pieces of quality banana republic boxers which will now cost you 70*100=7,000 + 10,000 of material total being 17,000 now bro/sis is now left for you to sell them which you & I know is not much stress selling cause is a moving market on its own & depending on the package you did yours one can be sell on a minimum of #250 so given you 25k in the hundred pers you got now bro minus it from your initial #17,000 is a cool 8k…… my dear just try it and thank me later, love you all

  2. Ones Aba Is Concerned #20k Can Start So Many Businesses,
    (1) Clothes Business (Okirika) at Ngwa Road Market
    (2) Fraying Of Beans Cake (Akara,Yam, Plantain & Potatoes)
    (3) Bread Business, Buying in large quantity And Sell At Motor Parks
    (4) Pity Trading Business, In Nkwo Ngwa Market Like (Vegetable, Bitter Leaf, Okro, Fresh Tomatoes, Fresh Pepper, Maggi, Onion, Salt, Red Oil And Groundnut Oil Etc)


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