#TheInterview: Phlames talks about his life, Music & Why he is called ABSU first 'Son'

With Ngozi Onwukwe

The first time I heard the name, Phlames Baba, I was wondering how would someone come up with such a name? My question then was, what do Phlames means, and why does someone choose such a name?

Well, I guess in entertainment industry everything is possible, including names!

Anyways, welcome to our second edition of Saturday Exclusive #TheInterview – Today, we are going to feature the bearer of the name; known as Phlames Baba (ABSU first son).

Recall that in our first edition – we featured ‘Aba First Son’ Exnel – where he talked about his Life, Music and #GhettoGrace Inspiration.

But today, Fast rising rap artiste, Phlames, is going to tell us a little secret about his life, background, why he chooses music as a career and a lot more you may never know about him.

                                          Download ‘Craze’ by Phlames

Interview begins:

Hi, please can you tell us about yourself?

“My name is KALU VINCENT IKECHUKWU but I choose to go by the name Phlames Baba.

“Phlames is a name that came from my boss a few years back. He Was The one that explained music to me. He Taught me what rap was all about, he equally gave me reasons why I should take it up as a second choice in life.

“Not having much to say about myself, the boy (Phlames) is from ABIA STATE to be specific ABAM in AROCHUKWU LGA.

“And I choose to stay mute for now concerning my background..

Really, can you just share with us a little secret about your life? Just a little!

“Well, my life is not a story to be told rather, it’s a story you should stay close and be a part of…everyone has a story, but no story seem to be very INTERESTING to the listeners (audience)…my Life is just a movie FEATURED, PLAYED AND SEEN BY ME but one thing you should know about me is I NEVER BACK DOWN in my activities.

Wow, Are you raping now? So is that why you choose Music as a career? Why do you…. (cut in)

…Well, I didn’t just wake up and decide to jump into music… The inspiration came from the famous ISI EGO crooner, speaking of the play maker himself PHYNO. After his super hit with OLAMIDE (ghost mode) I was so delighted to listen to his indigenous flows, So I decided to apply what he taught me (My BOSS) Stephen special.

  Download ‘Craze’ by Phlames Baba

“Luckily For me I wasn’t really good, but I had a point. My friends and families, fans and supporters have kept the spirit glowing. I REALLY APPRECIATE ALL.

Ok, that’s very good and so much inspiration, but how did you come up with the name; ABSU First Son? Does that mean you’re the first man to ever schooled in ABSU?

“Speaking of the title ABSU FIRST son…

(cut in)… Ok, you mean that the name is just a title?

….Yes! it’s more like a recognition title which comes and go. I didn’t choose to tag myself rather I was tagged…Was merited not Bought. GOD BLESS ABSU.

…It was merited, wow! So, let’s know your vision, your future plans towards your music and where you would want to see yourself in the next five years!

“The industry is currently a tight place for us the fast rising or upcoming but one thing is certain, I choose to stay different. Na only me Waka come (*laughs*)

Download ‘Craze’ by Phlames

“I didn’t come with a second party so I believe in due time I will be seen as one of African’s finest then to the globe…But one thing I need is your support, no successful man made it on his own nevertheless let’s make it work together…and keep in touch FOREVER!


Meanwhile, Phlames recently dropped a hot and banging song titled; ‘Craze’ – We published the song on ABACITYBLOG for download, you all should check it out, download and let us know what you think about Phlames.

Download it here:  Phlames-Craze.mp3

We believe he worth it!

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