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By Obinna Uche Uzoije

Africa’s captivity is more a product of the absence of science than of the presence of the devil(s).

The devil, in itself, is subject to science and this is why I say so.

The demons of meningitis and cholera will flourish in an atmosphere of poor hygiene. Likewise, if the science of producing contraceptives weren’t conceived, the demon of HIV would’ve been the order of the day.

Without science, you see that captivity will become a natural order. The hunger that we see as the chief ailment of Africa can only be solved by the nutritional virtue of agricultural science. Not by prayers. Not the mysterious power of God’s vengeance. The idea of religion is not letting us break things down into common sense.

Most sicknesses we come across here are not results of demonic manipulations. They are mere indications of human malnutrition. If you do not eat good food, how then do you expect to be healthy? If your pastor is telling you that, tell him it’s not true.

Sound health isn’t a function of sound faith for divine health, it is rather a function of sound food, balanced diet for divine health.

All these miracle oriented programs are mouthwatering to most Africans because they have lost the perspective that science in itself is a gift from God to man. We despise science and see it as ungodly. Recall when most Christians wouldn’t watch t.v., they said it was directly from the pit of hell.

But remember Jahennes Gutenberg, a Christian German who invented the printing machine. The first book to be printed on that machine was the bible and it was printed on August 24th, 1456. Science! You know the relevance of the printer in the world today?
Remember Jan Amos Comenius? The Christian that conceived the full-scale science of education?

The Wright Brothers that invented the aircraft were deep rooted Christians!

Many Christians pioneered major inventions in the world today. It doesn’t mean that non Christians are not given the gift of science too; Jesus took the gift of man from the devil who held man captive and restored it to man, not only the saints but even the “rebellious”.

So we know now that the devil is powerless and if the unbelievers can use science to make life better, what about us that are filled with the Holy Spirit?

Indians worship about 6million idols but their scientific habits, their habit of industry have placed the above Africa in the world.

Everything is not a function of the activity of the evil spirits. Spirit can never override habit. The flesh controls the spirit – the spirit can be willing but it will be stopped by the weakness of the flesh. Prosperity is not a product of spirit. It is a product of habit.

We all are not called to be scientists but it is expected of every African to be scientific in his doings. Forget evil spirits! If you do not find ways to solve your problems by creating solutions the evil spirits will keep flourishing and miracles are just temporary solutions, they will come back if we do not go back to science and build our own habit of industry.

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