Touchabl mobile app

Touchabl Labbs just launched an eye-popping picture app (called Touchabl Pictures) to enhance your online shopping options.

Much like Instagram, it allows you to post comments and even “Like” irresistible pictures. As a follow-up to these regular user experience: they have added a lot in the mix, not just to satisfy your fashion sense, but enable you follow the trend in the any area of interest. Instantly search for anything you like inside any picture by touching it.

The core feature of the app is that a simple touch on any part of a photograph of interest will reveal in details all previously hidden information on the touched part! Yes, the experience can be so awesome you’d think you are a spy.

For example, by merely touching a designers item in the picture of your favourite celebrity, say his/her wristwatch, the name and model of the watch will appear instantly.

Not only that, a galaxy of other models or make of the watch will display so you could update yourself on the latest trend or make a wise shopping choice. As a matter of fact, every other item with a picture, but without a name, will respond in a similar way to your gentle touch.

Isn’t that interesting!

Touchabl mobile app
Touchabl Mobile App

Use this link to download the app:

visit for more details.

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