Political Vampires, Revolutionaries And The Common Good

According to wikipedia, Vampires are beings from folklore that subsist by feeding on the life essence of the living.

Nigeria Former Aviation Minister raised an alarm via Twitter on August 25; 2016, that Nigeria is ruled by Vampires.

You’ll agree with me strongly, that vampire inspired literature and movies are very much in the circulation and has wide subscribers of which I am one. Anyone who do watch such movies can agree to the tales of terrorism, viciousness, power and politics, obscenity and immorality it depicts.

From night of the living dead, Dracula, interview with a Vampire, Buffy the Vampire slayer, from dusk to dawn, to quite popular BLADE, and recently the Originals, and vampire diaries. A social commentator added thus ‘politics play out most notably in horror movies, that’s where you find our collective social anxieties ‘.

Whether or not Vampires exist is a point of variation, but what we can all agree on is the central characteristics of Vampires, Vampires represent immoral deviants, a breakdown of traditional morality and sexuality, a rejection of religion and the seduction and corruption of the innocent, evil, fear, exploitation of others, killing of the weak by stronger forces, taking advantage of unsuspecting victims in the society, and creatures who feed on others, growing fat and puffy while thier victims mostly friends, loved ones, members of their community grow pale and die of thier venoms.

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Our society today is filled with Vampires, in politics, Clergy, business etc. Voltaire described them as early as the Mid 18th century “…stock jobbers, brokers men of business, who suck the blood of the people in broad day light,but they were not dead, though corrupted. These true suckers lived not in cemeteries but in very agreeable places” of course today his observations are yet true and can be felt in our society.

Now Vampires do nothing while harmless Nigerians are killed by Fulani Herdsmen, Terrorist, and bandits.

Vampires suck the live out of the common man by greedily looting the common wealth, Vampires who do not care about the welfare of the common man, Vampires instigate the gullible to start political wars and ethnic fights that take lives of the ordinary Nigerian, while their children enjoy luxury abroad.

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Vampires Who arm the children of the poor and common man with ammunition to snatch ballot boxes, while their children school in ivy league institutions. Vampires who suck Our Educational system to death.

Vampires allowing our innocent children die in the rural communities because they are denied basic healthcare. Vampires who divert public funds meant for road constructions and allow the avoidable road accidents that kill and maim innocent Nigerians, while they buy private jets, and bullet proof cars, with our common wealth.

The Vampires in folklore are less fearful than the political and bourgeoisie Vampires, no wonder Walter Jon Williams exclaimed ” I’m not afraid of werewolves or vampires…I’m afraid of what real human beings do to other real human beings” truth indeed.

Human Vampires are doing the world more evil, from the capitalist explotionist, to Economic predators, to Greedy money motivated religious organizations, to political leaders, the Human race is indeed endangered, and if we Don’t act fast we might have a reality of the movie ‘Daybreak’ where Vampires took over the whole world and installed their own society and government but with no more humans to bleed out, people began to starve in the streets it lead to harsh soviet style ration and mass Vampire riots.

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Today, Revolutionaries must arise for evil prevail not necessarily because bad men are strong but because good people do nothing, Barrack Obama said, in spite of seemingly impossible odds, people who love this country can change it;  Hence its is our collective responsibility to be proactive in detecting and purging our system of Vampires, and not being One.

We must strengthen our Judiciary such that the rule of law is applied to all irrespective of status, ethnic group or political party. All Vampires must be brought to book. Our Nation shall once again have its hopes high. And become that place where every Nigerian can attain his or her full potential without being shortchanged by forces of evil, and Blood Sucking Vampires!

That is the COMMON GOOD.

God Bless the Nigeria.

Dr. Emeka Charles Kalu~ECK
Former APGA Gubernatorial Aspirant in 2015 governorship election in Abia State.

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