Let’s not forget in a hurry this Gov Ikpeazu’s policy that is making progress in Aba

Abia State

It’s true that the Abia State governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, inherited a mess from the previous administration, unlike other state governors, he exempted himself from blaming the past government, but he has performed below expectations.

Governor Ikpeazu, after swearing in – as the executive governor of Abia State, rushed down to Aba and flagged off about two important roads, and it was like a new dawn to the residents of Aba.

His praises were everywhere, and one could not easily forget one of the slogan his supporters used then, ‘Obu nwa Aba ga aru Aba’, simply means, It’s only an Indigene of Aba, that can repair the damaged city.

Almost everyone was happy about his first action, but as time goes on, people began to get fed up over his IGG (Initial Gara Gara).

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Gov. Ikpeazu has done his best and one could not blame him for that, he inherited a mess and do all he could as a mortal, but how can one justified his best.

Does his present best truly the best, and why people voted for him in 2015? Do his supporters still ring the bell and say ‘Obu Nwa Aba Ga Aru Aba’?

Of-course, 2019 is fast approaching and his 4 years tenure is about to elapse, but in politics, power is very intoxicated and everyone knows that Ikpeazu will never back down, he will still run for another four years, probably might win.

In Nigeria, anything is possible.

Nevertheless, as we continue to judge, governor Ikpeazu through his achievement, let’s not forget one of the past government policies he abolished, and it’s indeed yielding a good result today in the city of Aba.

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Aba, the commercial city of Abia State, is known as a business hub and once called ‘Japan of Africa’. However, because of the recent happenings, the city has become a money making machine for the state government, while it has been left to rotten.

One of the past government policies governor Ikpeazu abolished is the law that restricted a resident of Aba from constructing or repairing a damaged state government road.

The law was upheld by the former governor, T.A Orji. Indeed, the law was a satanic law, which one can define the then government as a dictatorship.

Former governor T.A Orji enacted the law to punish the Aba residents, he refused to develop Aba and also put a law that restricted the residents itself from repairing the damaged roads and streets.

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It was like a sight of relief when governor Ikpeazu lifted the law and given the residents hope, free hands to construct or repair any government roads or streets.

Ever since Ikpeazu lifted the law, some streets and roads has been constructed and repaired by the residents making it passable for everyone.

That is the one of the past government policies Ikpeazu abolished and it’s yielding a positive result today.


  1. Call a spade a spade. So far he has failed. If he likes let him work . He won’t be there forever. As Ngwa man he would have done better. I hear when old people talk they say ” ABA MBAKWE” it is for a reason .


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