Mascot Uzor Kalu
Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu

The use of social media channels in dispersing information, addressing national issues and promoting the cause of various interest groups is not new in our clime. We have seen it influence the public opinion in many developed nations but we must be wary about how this medium is engaged.

This becomes more imperative as the nation pushes for solutions to the hydra-headed challenges we face. It is true that the conventional media might have a role to play but social media channels are able to sway people’s perception based on its design and framework.

This fundamental re-alignment of the way we use the social media channels to disperse information comes in the light of the security situation in the South East. People must understand that there should be a degree of discretion and wisdom in the way we communicate.

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Interestingly, the Federal Government has moved to clampdown on hate speeches and any comment that can infuriate the sensibilities of the average Nigerian.

The Former Chief of Staff to the Abia State Governor and prominent Investment Banker, Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu has spoke on the role of the social media in the light of the security situation in Abia State.

He noted that some of the blood-letting and civil unrest could be quelled if people understand the power of information and the social media. He asked every indigene of Abia State and Nigerians to know that everyone plays a critical role in finding a lasting solution to this fiasco.

His statement reads – ‘’In times past, we know that public opinion is influenced by the conventional media.

However, times have changed and a single post from someone who is not in the know about the current situation in Abia State could go viral. This may heat up the polity and further weaken the efforts being made to ensue lasting peace.

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It is important for people to share verified information and ultimately look for ways to use the social media to work with other well-meaning individuals to achieve peace.’’

He decried the way people were pushing ill-founded propaganda that was painting the actions of the Federal Government in a negative light. He said that the channels of communication are open and everyone has the right to proffer solutions about the way to deal with the challenge at hand.

He emphasised that as stakeholders in the issues surrounding our nation, everyone’s voice can be heard but people must apply wisdom in the way they put forward their ideologies.

Furthermore, he believes that the current unrest as regards to the IPOB will soon be resolved. He stated that Nigeria has gone through the throes of war and that the current Federal Government leadership will do everything in its power to ensure that the issue does not degenerate.

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He commended the Elder Statesmen and various International interest groups that have called for calm in the South East. He believes that Nigeria has a lot to gain when we are one than when we pursue an agenda that will lead to division in the land.

He further said – “One of the things that makes me resolute that we will find a way out of this melee is that the Nigerian spirit rises when challenges seem to be insurmountable. For the sake of our children and for posterity, we must work at achieving lasting peace in Nigeria.’’

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