The residents of Aba, the commercial city of Abia State has raised the alarm over the military molestation of innocent civilians in the city.

According to a resident report, who narrates how he was harassed by the men of the Nigerian soldiers camped in Ngwa High School by Osisioma junction, Aba.

His rights as a human has been denied by the men in the uniform called Nigerian soldiers.

He said; “They accosted me while passing along Ngwa High school in Osisioma, they ordered me to walk into the school premises, I asked why, they said they will show me what to do.

“At first I thought it was a joke, I’m in a hurry, I told the military man – But he insisted that I follow him, which I did.

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“He showed me a grass that I should start clearing it with a matchete!

“I wanted to resist, but looking at the officer, he is ready to deal with me, I have no choice than to suspend where I’m going and start weeding the grass.

“I have never been this kind of embarrassed before, he added.

Another, resident, told ABACITYBLOG that he is so lucky because the man he was carrying in his Keke (Tricycle) is an old man who told them that he is sick and was going to the hospital.

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According to him; “They stop us at their checkpoint behind Ngwa High School, they commanded my passenger to step down and look for another Keke.

“I asked the officer what have I done, he said; they have a work for me inside the school premises, I was afraid until the man I was carrying appealed to the military officer to allow me because he is ill and can’t come down, talk of boarding another Keke.

“The military officer agreed and told us to go.

This ugly situation has been happening in Aba, but the one at Ngwa high school took a new dimension since the commencement of operation python dance II in the South East.

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Findings by ABACITYBLOG revealed that the majority of the military camped in Ngwa High School are Northerners, and If the ugly situation do not stop it might become too provocative which may lead the residents to resist and fight back.

Stopping and commanding passerby, Keke Operators to shun their already planned daily activities to start weeding or filing bags with sand is inappropriate, and should stop now.

This is a residential report, let the authorities and Abia State government do something about this.

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