How to create a successful resume: Key secrets

If you are going to get a new job, then you will probably have to submit your resume. As you know, a well-written resume makes up 50% of the success.

We will tell you how to craft this document correctly and make a good impression on the employer! Find your dream job faster – visit – leave your resume at the largest online-marketplace in Nigeria and significantly increase your chances of winning!

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How to create a successful resume: Key secrets

The photo in your resume should be of the same type as your passport photo – an office-style photo in a suit or a white blouse with moderate make-up. Optimal size – 9×12.

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The only liberty you can allow yourself is a light smile, a friendly look, a a slight tilt of the head.

Reread your resume in a couple of days

Reread your resume in a couple of daysWrite the resume and read it a week later. Imagine that you are a different person.

Fill in the periods in between jobs

Fill in the periods in between jobsThe description of breaks in work is always a challenge. A lot of people working in the art or consulting spheres, freelancing, will often have gaps in their careers, and some employers may assess it as a negative factor.

Did you perhaps have short-term project earnings? Describe them! For example, you could have worked as a freelance decorator, a costume designer, a journalist, etc.

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The reason you left the previous place of work

The reason you left the previous place of workEmployers often wonder why you left your previous position. Save your and their time – explain it in your resume!

Think about your next steps after leaving that position and assess how you can favorably explain quitting your previous job. For example: “I left to get sales experience in a small family business and to understand how a retail company with large wholesale distributors functions”.

Think about the search words

Think about the search wordsToday, most recruitment agencies are looking for employees with help of keywords. When reading, make sure that your resume contains these keywords.

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You can easily choose them with your common sense, Google tips or a free Google AdWords tool.

Pay attention to the verbs

Pay attention to the verbsThink about the hierarchy of the role that you describe, and the one you are aspiring to get now.

Managers manage, assistants help. The directors who use verbs like “promoted”, “participated”, “supported” in their resumes do not sound like managers.

So if you are applying for a managing position, in addition to describing the main responsibilities of the assistant, mention the projects that you “directed”. This will demonstrate your initiative!

Craft your resume taking these tips into account, and be sure – the employer will appreciate your efforts!

How to create a successful resume: Key secrets

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