People sending me threat messages for joining anti-Buhari protest – Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke

Nigerian actor cum businessman, Jim Iyke, has raised the alarm over the level of threatening messages he has received ever since he joined the anti-Buhari #ResumeOrResign protest.

The actor said as a grown up man, he chooses to do whatever he wants and people should mind their business.

According to him, “Those that hide behind their gadgets on social media to send threats to my Dms, are the lowest of cowards”.

Jim Iyke joined the anti-Buhari protest in Abuja, the protesters are demanding the president to either resume duty or resign.

President Muhammadu Buhari has been outside the country on a medical vacation for over 95 days, and his absence has caused lots of tension in the country.

Contrary to that, Iyke’s joining the protest might become envious to some people, as some have tagged the protest as an opposition sponsored protest.

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Lambasting those threatening him via an Instagram post, the actor who is known for his actions in movies said;

I studiously mind my biz. My lane has afforded me unprecedented peace of mind not to mention focus. However, the phenomenon called Nigeria is for us individually and collectively. The peerless situation we find ourselves suffices to make one take a stand for something.

Those that are content to wail in the shadows, I respect your decision. Passivity is a form of protest as well. Those that hide behind gadgets on social media to send threats to my Dms, are the lowest of cowards.

They’ve earned nothing but my contempt and even deeper resolve. Stephen and Gladys raised me to jump into the fray without the fear of judgment or getting my hands dirty. They also instilled without end the imperativeness of honing my mind and instincts as a precedent before the dive. B4 the process of the mud fight I hv long gone thru the throes of a drawn out introspection; weighed the costs and effects.

I’m a grown ass man. I am fully conscious of my prerogatives. An entity that is bereft of channels for its citizens to vent pent up spleen will consequently result in a tragedy akin to what Venezuela and other countries of the Middle East extract currently suffers. The diverse divides of our entity must embrace the element and qualities of water.

A deep tolerance of one another. The ability to flow through our differences seamlessly. D necessity to find the worth and need of one another to unify our purpose and vision on all platforms to advance the Nigeria cause unequivocally. Then can the issues of nepotism, tribalism and even the byproducts of religious and ideological profiling that has plagued our nation for so long can be mitigated.

Sadly the status quo lack of emotional intelligence can only be superseded by our utter lack of empathy for those that dare to take a stance. I can look my son and sisters in the eye and say I didn’t bury my head in the sand nor spoke tongue in cheek when I was asked my take. We must disagree. It’s a given. Nobody said its a walk in the park. Tailor your comments civilly.

I’m a proponent of modern interaction. The better side in all of us is the best part of this country. I am done talking. God bless #LifeChronicles.


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