Open Letter To The Senate And House Of Representatives, by Darlington Ujoumunna

Open Letter To The Senate And House Of Representatives

By Darlington Ujoumunna

Dear honorable members of the Senate and house of Representatives, I am saddled with the approval of $200 million loan to Abia State government.

I thought you honorable members are there to represent your constituents and ensure that all government projects are been duly administered.

But to my greatest surprise, it’s like the opposite. Have you people ever tabled a motion in the house or institute a committee to go into various constituency in order to checkmate most projects that the state governments claims to have used the funds allocated to them.

A typical example is the situation in Abia State where billions has been siphoned into private accounts. All the billions that has been released to Abia State has not been used for a proper project.

Salaries has not been cleared. Roads are not been rehabilitated. Still another loan has been granted.

Do you people ask yourselves who will pay back the loan? Don’t you people realize the fact that these loans will be a burden that will be rolled over to the next generation which you are part of or your children will be part of? Or does it mean that this is a deliberate attempt to punish the people of South eastern states be deepening them into more debts, thereby restricting infrastural development in these states.

My humble appeal to you honorable people is to block further release of federal government allocation to Abia State until adequate investigation is conducted on what the billions was used for. As for the $200 million loan approved for Abia state, please kindly revert that approval immediately as our federal allocation is more than enough to pilot the projects of the state.

Finally, also investigate how much Abia State raises from the internal revenue and what those billions are been used for.

Elder Darlington N.C Ujoumunna.



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