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By Obinna Uzoije

I perused Dr. Alex Otti’s press release on the financial recklessness of Okezie Ikpeazu led government in Abia state and I was just wondering where the APGA gubernatorial candidate has been hiding.

I still saw the normal league of sycophants that pose a social holocaust, a social disaster all over the media supporting their governor. The ramifications of this malady that has befallen us overwhelms me.

Do you know your governor uses a private jet? Well you should.

We need to attain a level of excellence in government. My dear Ngwa people had a bad idea that made them find it difficult to choose between fighting for Ngwa man to be governor and fighting for good governance. Today, how market? The political wizardry that engulfs Abia State is only a no-skin-pain now if you are from Ngwa and inside the Ngwa you must be from Obi-Ngwa and of course if you are from Obi-Ngwa you must be a Seventh Day Adventist.

I want to argue the counterfactual as usual. I may have overgrown dealing with sycophants but I want to look at the infrastructure. Tonimas-Umule down to faulks road was one of the 29 roads that were flagged off in Aba when Okezie Ikpeazu assumed office. That road has broken apart. Yesterday I saw a bunch of shameless contractors using cement to patch ambushed potholes. Go to the far famed faulks road and see the demarcation, when will we ever overgrow that rubbish? Aba-Owerri road was one of them too and it is no longer under construction. They have abandoned the road and resorted to experience. Experience in patching potholes.

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Do you know how much it takes to fly a private jet?

I may want to still address another stratum of sycophants. Those that put up photos of Abia state university and write about how much exploits the governor and the vice-chancellor are doing in that school. Thank goodness I happened to attend that school and this is all I can say…

Abia State university is just one of the costliest state schools in Nigeria right now with an Acceptance fee of a hundred thousand naira. So education therein now is for rich and maybe, the thieves. If education cannot reach the poor man then there is no need for school.

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What is Abia State’s measure of civilization? Maybe in the engines of a private jet?

Security votes for Abia state is about 800 million naira every month. What is your grip on that? My opinion during the elections was to change this government first and displace the Abia cabals.

First bailout fund from the federal government when Okezie Ikpeazu assumed office in far back 2015 was N14.150 billion. It was demanded for the clearing of salaries that are still owed over 8 months. Then news had it that workers salaries will be cleared by 30th October, 2015.

As though that wasn’t enough, the state government recieved the first tranche of the Paris Club refund amounting to N5.3 Billion. Obinna “Oriaku” the commissioner of finance immediately went on air, saying that the government needed extra 700 million naira to add to the N5.3 billion to clear the salaries of the same Abia workers.

Those days, shameless radio stations aired jingles that carried information of how the government will clear the same salaries when the next Paris refund is recieved. The second tranche that was recieved was N5.7 billion. Now all these billions are not included in internally generated revenues or in allocations that run into billions of Naira.

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The national assembly in Abia state is a well known tea-party organization. A famous joke. A popular group of crackers. They, immediately, approved another 200 million dollars loan for Abia state. To do what again?

I may need to stop here, it is a very long list. But you Ngwa man, my brother, open your eyes. Don’t be a fool and still live in fool’s paradise. You’ll be be doing yourself a disservice if you think this is the chic trend and you’ll follow it and get rewarded with money. History will only punish you but it will reward the bold.

Why do we build roads that cannot last for straight 6 months?
Why do we owe workers for over 8 months?
Why do we put multilayered taxes on citizens when we have the poorest infrastructure ever?
Why do we live as though we are under a strange curse? Why do we wallow in mediocrity and detest excellence?


Obinna Uche Uzoije

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