Kelly Hansome wants every Youths to belong to One Political Party

Kelly Hansome

Popular music artist, Kelly Hansome has opined that every Nigerian youths need to, at least belong to a political party.

His opinion was following the outcry in the Nigeria political system, where the political elites are ruling the nation in a way they like without minding what the masses are passing through each day.

According to the Imo State born musician, “Nigerian needs a new political party for the vibrant visionary youths, and everyone needs to belong to one political party for starters, take a stand! He declared.

Hansome stated this via a post he made on his social media account.

He said; “I woke up this morning & thought to myself, how can I even sit here & talk of political reformation and change when I don’t even officially belong to any political party? I don’t even attend their meetings so how can I influence decision making in a democratic enviroment without participation?

“We need a new political party for the vibrant visionary youths. Everyone needs to belong to 1 political party for starters, take a stand. U can bring the reforms we dream of. That’s the only way to become a part of the process of deciding who picks up a ticket to run for any political office or position which is where the corruption in this country started her career.

“Ranting on social media will only compound our problems as a nation rather than control them. The decision is urs. Join a political party today, get involved. Be the positive change u desire. #JoinAParty #BeTheChange #GetInvolved #Politics #PowerToTheYouth

Kelly Hansome


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