YLAN thanks Abia State Govt for Positive Consideration of Abia Young Leaders’ Appeal

Young Leaders Association of Nigeria (YLAN)

By Amos Kalu

A good government is the government that is considerate, positive and responsive to the plight of the subjects, especially when their welfare is of prior importance.

Recall that Abia State Young Leaders YLAN in a letter dated 19th July, 2017 and copied to the authorities, embarked on a fact finding mission to mediate in the situation being faced by the Civil Servants and Pensioners in Abia State who has not been paid their wages and emoluments as a result of the challenges beyond the government’s immediate control.

The Honorable Commissioner of Finance, Hon. Obinna Oriaku was invited by the leader of the group Engr Emma Uche Adimoha for a friendly discussion where he categorically expatiated most of the reasons that are being clog in the government’s effort at clearing all the salaries and arrears which included:

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Over blotted Workforce employed in the state by previous administrations, which has caused duplication of responsibilities in the civil service even when such expenses can be avoided.

Ghost Workers Syndrome that has caused the payment of nonexistent workers at the expense of the state Government etc

As a measure of curbing such wastage, the government was faced with an option of embarking on a mass sack of workers in areas where responsibilities were duplicated but it became an option the government considers as unfair and decided to keep finding ways to manage the said work force and rather created measures to ensure that most of these institutions and establishments could foot their bills while the government work more harder to ensure that the arrears are paid off to bring relief to the suffering workers.

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The government also reviewed the salary structures to see that all the overvalued salaries are downsized to the normal wage. These measure has also save a lot of expenses which the government had always suffered the brunt.

Abia Young Leaders on mission for good and responsive governance gets a positive action from Abia State Government.

During the interactive session with the Hon commissioner of finance, the commissioner promised that the Paris Club money being expected by Abia State will be reserved for paying accumulated salaries and arrears of the workers.

Barely 48hours, the commissioner of finance announced through the Media PA to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu that the money has been set aside for the purposed they have promised Abians.

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According to him, “The entire #5.7B Paris fund debt refund to Abia State will all be used to pay arrears of Salaries”.

Meanwhile, the Abia Young Leaders Association say, thank you to Abia State government for carrying the youths along and being responsive to efforts geared towards improving the welfare of Abians. We will continue to work together until we get Abia right.

-Article by Young Leaders Association of Nigeria (YLAN), Abia State chapter.


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