Dr Paul Unongo
Second Republic Minister, and the deputy leader of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), Dr. Paul Unongo, has said that North will never allow anything that will breakup Nigeria.

He advised those agitating for a state of Biafra to bury such ambition, as that will never happen.

In an interview with Dailysun, while speaking on the state of the nation and the call for breakup of Nigeria,

Unongo said, Biafra is a dream that can never come to reality because, Nigeria can never afford to have another civil war.

I do know that we cannot have another Biafra war. Dr. Paul Unongo said. 

We fought a war for three years about Biafra and we slaughtered about three million people and ended the war, with the federalist winning. We cannot sit in an air conditioned house taking a look at the three million people that were sacrificed and then begin to share Nigeria and say – lets go back to Biafra. That can never happen. I’m not a child; I’m not a joker. I participated in that war. I know actually that these people are touting, doing politics, whether it is the young men in the East who are shouting about Biafra or the ones in the North. 

They are talking and I have always supported that the Federal Government should give an opportunity to people who feel that our elders didn’t do it right, lets have a dialogue. 

The dialogue must be within the Federal Republic of Nigeria; it must be within the constitutional framework of the Constitution of Nigeria, because we bought this for too high a price to joke with it. I know war; I saw war. These people didn’t see war. Anybody who is about 50 didn’t see war. The ones making noise in Nigeria are between 30 and 40 years old. The war started in 1967. 

I know that Kanu is not going to get people who are responsible, who saw the war like, Ebitu Ukiwe, Dr. Alex Ekwueme. Why would they want war? They saw it. 

We saw Ojukwu, who said he would overrun Nigeria, and what happened to him at the height of the federal troops, and we saw when the time came that he left the country.
Nobody should look for war. 

These children must be told firmly that we the elders  -there are people like Ekwueme, Ben Nwabueze and others who saw the war, they should tell these young men making noise about war. They never saw it and they didn’t know what happened. There are people in the North like me, who also need to tell our boys. 

I was performing my function as an elder who saw it all. No country can go through two civil wars. We will sit down here and talk. People make caricature that the North is afraid of restructuring, let us define what we mean by restructuring. Lets hold a national conference. 

Even if it is a sovereign national conference, the North will go there, but if it is a conference to dissolve Nigeria, we will never allow that to take place, and there are many Igbo, many Yoruba and Hausa, who like me, a Tiv will say they can never allow these young men to breakup this country that we sacrificed three million men to keep together. 

I’m all for whatever they call restructuring, if it is for how best we can live in Nigeria, I’m for it; if they are talking about how to create that, amend that, I’m for it, but if they are talking of break up,  so that everybody form their little African principality, I will never support that.

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