Rochas Okorocha
Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has lambasted the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as simply a young man that is using the marginalisation of Igbos in seeking for relevance.
“So the issue of Nnamdi Kanu should be treated as a young man agitating and seeking for relevance”,  Okorocha said, while fielding questions with the state house correspondent on Monday.
It will be recalled that this is not the first time the Imo State governor has lambasted the Indigenous people of Biafra leader, various times he have described Kanu as a man who is so confused in his agitation, and a young man who has never been born during the civil war
According to Okorocha, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu lack the capacity to lead the entire Igbo nation.
“The question is does Nnamdi Kanu have the capacity to lead Igbos to war? Or lead me and the governors to war? So you mean I will stand now and Nnamdi Kanu will tell me stand up let’s go to war? Governor Okorocha asked the journalists.
Asked why the Acting President left out Nnamdi Kanu who is a principal character in the agitation for Biafra, while consulting with the leaders of thoughts, Okorocha said; “On Nnamdi Kanu you must understand the position of a thing and what has created this hullabaloo if you like, and the big noise about this whole thing. 
Nnamdi Kanu’s group broke away from MASSOB.
Last time I said, it depends on how we define this whole thing that is taken out of context. Nnamdi Kanu, a young man seeking relevance, agitating for whatever he believes in, what he stands for must be treated separately from the entire Igbo nation.
Like the gentleman that spoke for the Arewa youths, and these are not more than 17 young men speaking for millions of Arewa youths and it doesn’t make sense because if you ask any Arewa youth now if he is part of that event, he will tell you no.
We don’t have that wisdom of narrowing things to the perspective where they belong but we like to enlarge it to create the confusion that we all enjoy and the confusion if not well taken care of will consume Nigeria one day. And that is what some of us are trying to avoid.

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So the issue of Nnamdi Kanu should be treated as a young man agitating and seeking for relevance, these are two different issues. And he can ride on the back of supposed Igbo marginalization which has been said is not right, and ride on those sentiments and push his agenda but that does not mean that the entire Igbo are with him.
I was in Chatham House and I remembered how I was attacked by the IPOB boys when I was delivering my lecture. They walked up to me and they were shouting and I said calm down. Ironically, the young man has never visited Nigeria before. So it is our duty to call our younger ones to order.
However, it is true that the South -East has been neglected overtime politically, economically, socially and all that. Their roads are impassable; you cannot pass Port Harcourt road, Enugu road, Aba Road, Bayelsa road and all the roads. You can hardly see federal government presence in the South- East, all the things you see are through self help. Even the Onitsha Bridge has been a theoretical talk, fabrications which does not represent realities. So, this is a mix up.
He (Kanu) speaks his own and joins it to our issues and it now looks like a nationwide thing. That is not the issue. We have called for unity and have agreed that we will remain united. Very soon, some of us have taken it upon ourselves to reach out to these young men and talk to them.
We must understand that our young men are frustrated; if they are as comfortable as we are they will not be able to say those things they are saying.
So whether we like it or not, this nation must make provision for the future generation who are now IT compliant, social media compliant, who have now access to all the goodies in the world without touching it. 
They smell it but can’t feel it so they are asking why. You can understand their frustrations and so they no longer want to take the stories from us. Even in families right now, my children want to push me out of the system, when you are talking they say no, we know it better.
So we must just accept the realities of times and see what we can do for the youths of the federal republic of Nigeria. I think the ministry of Youth must be given attention now to engage them productively.

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