Nigeria and of course, Biafra | The pressing need to ideate anew – by Obinna Uche Uzoije

Mr. Obinna Uche Uzoije

Today we say Nigeria is a country that may not stand the test of time. But this is a country that fought for independence but cannot rule herself. It is so stupid how the only thing that kept us in this stagnation is corruption but we liberally applaud it when it drives by.

History rewards the bold. And the truth is that if we continue to search for enemies anywhere but in ourselves, there will always be a problem of a faulty nationhood, poverty, region, religion, tribe, ethnicity, Nigeria and of course, Biafra.

The clear fact is been that our hatred for one another in this country has multiple focal points. 99% of every elected, or better still, selected leader in Nigeria sees the people being led as second class human beings. This has been the idea. Even the Biafra that is clamoring to break off houses a bastardized idea of leadership hovering across her board. I call it an idea because it is not what you fight without understanding. The issue we wrestle with is an invincible issue. An issue that makes the aim of every Nigerian vying for a public political position – money oriented. An idea that must die for Nigeria or even the Biafra to be less of a contraption. An issue that rouses agitation but cannot be mitigated or stemmed by agitation.

Nigeria is an amalgam of diverse cultures, religions and languages. America too is. Many other countries too are. This is supposed to pose an advantage. Culture is much money in other countries that can innovatively ideate but in Nigeria, it is a weapon soaked in the toxic acids of religion. The countries that are loved by their citizens today are those that have been able to put forth good leaders to serve them. In those countries, you cannot say you are a citizen in any capacity and condone anything that makes your country less humane.

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The leaders have made them understand that they are one and they should join in uniting the country not by mere verbal utterances or wishful thinking but by action. I did not say prayers, I said action. The leaders have carried every single citizen with equal esteem and fearfully made impacts with the vision to build a people, an entity, a laudable measure of civilization. How did they achieve this?

They knew the truth about their country. The won a battle against an idea. Every country needs to kill a particular idea.

The only way to make a country one is to make her citizens know the truth. How do you use a state’s Internally Generated Revenue? Why are security votes not accounted for? What do you do with hundreds of millions every month in a place where the cripple have no wheel chairs? In a place where the blind people sleep outside in the cold, under the rain? In a place where mad people walk about naked? Beggars!

Do I go on?

What is Nigeria? Why is the land mass in the North way bigger that other parts of the country? Why do we have more people in the South? Why do the oil come from the South and much more allocation goes to the North-East? People don’t know these things and when they ask questions, they don’t get answers. The only thing people listen to when they can’t hear good answers is marginalization.

They do not blame the government firsthand, they infact celebrate with the government. And they fight themselves. An average Nigerian will have a hot argument where he/she butresses the whole marginalization processes but runs out to the street to take pictures with the same bubble-headed governor that cares nothing about his lame arse. Biafra says that Nigeria as a country or whatever is designed to oppress them and they need to be free.

Do they want to be free from the government or free from the people? Because yes, in Nigeria, the government and the people are not the same. If we cannot, as Nigeria, decimate this idea of amassing false wealth, wealth of many poor minded people, we cannot do it as Biafra. The Biafra we do not know is a very good sample of the Nigerian population. Biafra will surely represent Nigeria well.

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Another truth is, freedom from oppression is not the solution. Many countries that were delivered from opression oppress other countries today. Even Israel, the holy, after being delivered from the oppression of Europe, they oppress people today. And when it comes to religion, being free from persecution too will not resolve issues. Muslims were delivered from persecution but are persecutors today. Abused spouses abuse other spouses. Abused children grow up and abuse other children.

If the course of the oppressed Biafra is driven by hatred, revenge, racism and religion, they’ll end up like just another Nigeria. Even worse.

Unfortunately, the leaders we have, the people that are supposed to be influential and wield a big voice are the ones that keep mute just to be politically correct even as issues escalate. A majority of them are addicted to power that’s why they are controlled more than they control. They are a bad idea and nothing else.

If you want to change Nigeria, you will not be the one to buy tractors to build the roads, you will not be one to bring electricity, you will not build schools, care for the less privileged etc, you will just have leaders that you are made to think you cannot touch or criticize. Question is, what idea is dominant in the psyche of the entire country?

Religion too is not a solution. The church that should have been a refuge for the needy is always seen as a last resort, the last option when the practices of religion are exhausted. The church should come before religion but it is the other way round. It comes as a copy of every other secular activity. It is now filled with scandal ridden, pretentious and wicked congregants. The Europeans that brought this religion to us have not given to the church half of what we have given to the church.

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What have the church given to the black Nigerian man? You can count. Prayers? Prayers are not substitutes for action. Our religion is just concerned with what other people do with their bodies and how does that affect the beggar on the streets? How does it affect the price of rice or garri?

If half of the churches in Nigeria are converted to cassava farms, we will comfortably feed ourselves. A cup of garri will be much less than 5 naira. The church here in Nigeria is hardly differentiated from religion. But every day, the new idea is directed to building a new church, but is God impressed?

Muslims in Northern Nigeria, I know you have your own God and we respect that, but remember, humanity is our common denominator. No matter how it seems, if Biafra breaks out, you have something to loose.

The true enemy is in you. Yourself. You saw it and because it favoured you, you let it slip. You said nothing. It is in our idea. We can’t fight an idea with a gun, or with nuclear weapons? No! Ideas don’t react to bombastic elements. A mano a mano, little by little, the good things you do count.

Every word you say counts. You have a say. You have the worth, the somebodiness. Do not condone it, kill it when you say it. Like I just did.

Ndewo nu ndi k’anyi.


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