Just In: Court Frees Murder Suspects In Abia

Abia State

A human rights activist and conditional lawyer  Barr. A.C.B Agbazuere yesterday won a murder case instituted against Mr. Enwereji Ikechi and his younger brother Mr Enwereji Okechukwu.

The duo  Who have been on awaiting trial for five years were discharge and acquitted by the Court courstey of free legal services of Agbazuere.

A Source close to the murder suspects said they were arrested and remained in Nigerian Prisons custody since the year 2012.

The source said,  “All hopes were lost in the case as their relatives could no longer hire a legal aid. It only took the help of the notable International Constitutional Lawyer and Human Rights Activist, Barr. A.C.B Agbazuere to take up the case once again without charges all these years.

“It was a  thing of Joy this morning, when the prison Warders that brought the young men to Court  could not return with them to the prison as inmates rather, they celebrated their freedom and took photographs with them.

Barr. A.C.B Agbazuere (center) with Mr. Enwereji Ikechi and his younger brother Mr Enwereji Okechukwu.

“We must continue to encourage our people to be placed where they can function well, The Umuagu people in Alaukwu Autonomous Community have today shared from the wealth of legal experiences of Dr A.C.B Agbazuere.

“We therefore encourage the community and the good people of Isialangwa South to immediately reabsorb the two young men into the society hence they have been proved Innocent by a court of law. This will help them to easily be useful to themselves and the society.



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