INTERVIEW: Biafra Must Become A Reality, Says 14-year-old-boy in Aba


A fourteen year old boy, whose identity was not disclosed (for security reasons) has disclosed to Abacityblog that Biafra must surely come to reality whether they like it or not.

The Aba born young talented artist who took his time in building a Biafran house and Biafran coloured moving car, said Biafra agitation is not only for the adults, but kids are also included.

When Abacityblog reporter asked his reason for agitating for Biafra nation, he said; “I’m into this because it’s my heritage.

“I will fight the fight of my father who was among the Biafran protesters killed during Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s court trial, my dad was among those slaughtered by Nigeria Army during the protest.

It was so painful losing my dad because of agitating what is his right.

“I have built a moving car and a full light wired house for Biafra, So shall Biafra come to reality, the young boy added.

A full light wired house for Biafra



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