If Nigeria breaks up, Southern Kaduna will join Biafra – says Danfulani

John Danfulani visit Nnamdi Kanu in Umuahia

The Coordinator of the Centrum Initiative for Development And Fundamental Rights Advocacy Dr. John Danfulani, has said that the people of Southern Kaduna would prefer to go with the Biafra Republic in the eventuality of Nigeria’s disintegration.

Danfulani spoke in Umuahia, Abia State when he paid a solidarity visit to the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.

He said the people of Southern Kaduna  “share a lot of values in common with Biafrans”, and would not hesitate to follow them “if Nigeria breaks up”.

He bemoaned the fate of  minority ethnic nationalities in Southern Kaduna who are mostly Christians , condemning government’s  indifference to their ordeals following incessant unprovoked attacks by herdsmen.

He said, ” If Nigeria breaks up we won’t go with the North. Certainly we will go with Biafra because we share a lot in common.

”We can form a confederation based on agreement. It is better for us because we are safer in Biafra. In the North, they don’t like us because we don’t pray like them. So, it is better we follow those who share the same faith and values with us.”

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He warned that if the Federal failed to heed the clamour for restructuring the country before  2019, Nigeria might not remain a single political entity.

He argued that Nigeria was amalgamated for the British economic and administrative convenience against the people’s wishes, hence the obvious need to restructure the country.

”Nigeria remains the only country in the world where people were merged together because of the economic interest of their colonial masters without their consent. If we fail to restructure now, it may be late after 2019″.

“I wondered why some people are considered sacred cows in the country while others are treated as second class citizens.

”Why is it that till today the leaders of Arewa youths who gave a quit notice to Ndigbo are yet to be arrested despite the warrant of arrest? They are parading the streets and nobody has touched them.

”If it is John Danfulani, I would have been arrested because I am John. If it were John Danfulani, Gov. El- Rufai would have crammed me into prison.”

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He said his frosty relationship with the Kaduna State Governor,  El-Rufa because of his Christian faith.

” El- Rufai is after me because I am a Christian and I identify with Christian minorities in Souther Kaduna. He is like the white South African behind apartheid rule while I am like the indigenous  South  African people that own the land.”

” Is it not a crime to pay terrorists with the state funds? Yet El- Rufai said he is using Kanuda State funds to pay herdsmen massacring Christian minorities in Southern Kaduna and nobody is asking him questions.”

Danfulani said the people of Southern Kaduna had suffered so much in the hands of ” those who think they own the North”, akin to the fate of the people of South East in Nigeria, hence, they would not hesitate to form an alliance with them.

” We face the same suppression and oppression that the Igbo face in Nigeria. We are hated in the North and we are the target of barbaric attacks by those who  are out to extinguish us.”

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He decried the poor state of infrastructure in the South East particularly roads which he described as the worst in Nigeria, saying that Nigeria’s unfair treatment to Ndigbo is the reason for the agitation for self determination.

” I plied the roads down to this place and I saw how terrible they are. I never knew we still have this type of road in Nigeria. The Enugu – Port Harcourt Expressway  is a nightmare!”

Responding, Kanu thanked the social crusader for standing against injustice and his efforts to defend the oppressed and marginalised people of Southern Kaduna.

He assured him of the full support of Biafra to Christian minorities and the oppressed people of Southern Kaduna as well as the Middle Belt.


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